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Dale R. Hamilton
08-26-2004, 11:25 AM
Guys- I'd like to find a source of charts for rivers in Germany, Portugal, and other great rivers of the world. Going to "tour Germany" and other sites, you get only oblique reference- and no maps to rivers that might be there. Doing a google search on the river has been better- but the map if available will only be a thumbnail. Is there a cartography office anywhere in the world where you can call in and buy a chart of the aRiver Mosel or some other?
My object in all this is to plan another rowing adventure- this time to Germany, and the first most important thing you must have is a chart.

08-26-2004, 12:26 PM
If you are thinking about rowing the Douro in northern Portugal, you might want to checkout the book "Cork Boat".

In it the author and his friends construct a boat entierly of wine corks, and row it the width of Portugal along the Douro.

If I remember correctly, they faced a lot of head-winds that went against the current.

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Dale R. Hamilton
08-26-2004, 01:15 PM
There's also the biggest hydroelectric dam in Europe on the Douro- thats what stopped me. Again, if I had a chart I would have known about it and not started planing a trip.

Jeremy Burnett
08-27-2004, 05:50 AM
Try www.stanfords.co.uk,or (http://www.stanfords.co.uk,or) www.world-maps-shop.com. (http://www.world-maps-shop.com.) They are I think the same.I got a good map of the Thames from them,and are a good source for travellers.

08-27-2004, 06:08 AM
Dale have you tried contacting some of the contributors to the forum who live in the areas that you are interested in, directly--Martin Schultz comes to mind. You could rename the thread, so it might attract interest from the occasional viewer, who has knowledge of this area.

There must be good maps of Germany---wasn't Mercator a German?

A couple of throw away idea; Have you read "The Voyage of Jack de Crow", I cannot believe that you have not because he engages in your kind of adventure, and IIRC does navigate the Mosel.

The other throw away idea is Lonely Planet guides

Dale R. Hamilton
08-27-2004, 08:55 AM
Thanks, Guys-thats just what I wanted. Checking those websites now. I never thought of seeking a German forumite. Zounds, What an idea!. and he would feel- indeed be morally oblidged to help another forumite see his homeland by rowboat. No, have not heard of Jack de Crow. Will keep you guys advised.

Joe (SoCal)
08-27-2004, 09:53 AM
Originally posted by dan-marques:
If I remember correctly, they faced a lot of head-winds that went against the current.Kinda sounds like me :D
Dan a buddy in my office just told me about that book and he is lending it to me, sounds wild :D

08-27-2004, 05:45 PM
Originally posted by Dale R. Hamilton:
. No, have not heard of Jack de Crow. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1574091522/002-1269275-0595207?v=glance

Read it. it's pertinent