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Peter Jacobs
02-09-2003, 12:47 AM
Just received my Good Old Boat newsletter with this message that I thought I'd pass along to the WB Forum:

"I have a 1926 burger schooner in need of a home. It is 36.5 feet, twin
masted. It is kept in Belgium, Wis., 45 miles north of Milwaukee. I live
with my parents, and they are selling their house this year, so I have no
place for it. The boat needs much attention, but it is mostly complete --
all riggings, sails, motor, masts, etc. The interior is gutted, and half
of the deck is missing. I tried getting the museum in Manitowoc (Wis.) to
take it, but all they wanted was the plaque stating that it was built in
Manitowoc. Anyway I would like to sell it or donate it. If I sell it, I
don't want much. I just don't want to burn the boat this spring if I
can't find a home for it. Photos are available by email.
Shaun Voigt
home 262-285-3033
work 920-458-3642

Anyone interested?

Wild Dingo
02-09-2003, 01:28 AM
Bit far from me but heres hopeing someone goes for it! ;)

Okay Ive just sent Shaun an email hopefully I can get some pics up shortly... hopefully someone nearby will see it as a worthy project and 1926 it could well be!... stay tuned!! :cool:

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