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Wild Dingo
12-06-2002, 07:42 PM
Now Ive whacked this in here cause its real boat related misc...

Ive just been thunkin since I had that little yarn in Leons post over in Designs and Plans (http://media5.hypernet.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=2;t=002176) ...

Who elses dream has changed gradually through bein introduced to other designs? or changed due to change in fortunes?

Example here... Yonks ago I had decided come hell or high water I wanted and intended to build a Wharram Tiki catamarran... then one day I wandered in here and through the good or bad and sometimes interesting offers from our fellow forumites I fell first arse over tit for Murray Petersons Coaster Schooner then the Swedish Koster Elly along the way finding Jim Brownes SeaRunner Trimarrans... aloong with soooo many others!!

So my decision began with the Tiki ended up with the Coaster but meandered a tad to Elly before the plans were not available then a small angle away to the tri... and around again...

I even wandered down the road of purchasing a second hand one... theres still "Tilton" sittin on her mooring lines in Savannah who really is sweet... a bit of work needed but sweet none the less... and for a fella in the States or Canada a great buy is my guess we even went down the road of trying to find out how much she would cost to buy her and bring her down here to me... having seen her in the many photos sent by forumites Minor and Art who visited her for me quest... she is sweet... but even then...

I took some time with all this deciding not to decide and commit till I was sure whichever I chose was a) the one b) would get built cause it was gonna be a big long building process... and I started thinking about something smaller around 20 or so feet that I could just buggar of and go sailin in... many out there thats for sure!! Id pretty much decided on the Grey Seal or Eun Maru...

But then life kicks in and well now Im sorta thinkin the wee lassies then maybe an "elf" by Iain Oughtred beyond that well we will just see...

What am I goin on about?... mmmmm I guess just how the dream changes is all... bein rather laid back about changes as they happen and acceptin that maybe a flamin great beautiful Coaster or Tiki SeaRunner dream aint gonna happen just now... changes in fortune... change of target!...

So instead of sailin of over the horizon in a Coaster... I'll probably end up puddlin around here in the lassies and elf!!.... yahoooooeeee! :cool:

Great stuff eh? ;)

So I was wonderin if your own changes had gone the gummit mine had?

ohhh all this doesnt include the thoughts of the changes weve been considering in the location of where we live either! And MAN! has that gone the gummit!!! Whooooeeeee!... from up north again to over east to overseas... who knows where we end up or what we end up sailin?!!! I mean I think of the thought of movin to North Carolina or someplace and workin there for 5 years or so and buyin Tilton fixin er up and sailin away...

gawd aint these thoughts grand?!!! :cool:

Gawd the thought of movin this bunch of hoons over there!!! I wonder what the Embassy would say when I rock up and say "Gidday mate I wanna move to the states with me mob and stay for a couple of years earn a quid fix me up a nice woodenboat sittin in the murk in Savannah and buggar of back ere... watchyareckon?"... "weal thars a good thought boyah how manys youall reckon gonna be amovin with yer?"... "just me family mate... the missus and hoons"

"yeah sah well how manys that thar?"... "gawd strewth mate whachareckon? missus an hoons I said cripes yer deaf of what?!"... "eeerr sirah how many exhakally would be acomin with yer inta tha YoooNightedStateshofAmerika?"... "Cripes thers the missus acourse... then theres the others abou 6 of them little blighters Id reckon cause the eldest two are wimps and dont wanna leave Aussie an reckon your place is flamin as dangerous as a roo crossin the highway at night during a semi convoy"...

"err sah are yer sure you want to come to Hamerica?"... "Geeezwhatsafellagottado!! I said yer didntI? sheesh! stone the flamin crows sport! an while Im at it yer galah whats with this flamin green card thing? eh? whasafellasupposedtawinaflaminraffleorwhat? geeez I couldnt win a flamin chook raffle in the rubbetty in a cyclone how the hell can I be expected to win one for some sorta card? CRIKEY!!"

And on... till the fella got totally befuddled and mucked up in the head he just gave me the green card visa his passport his girlfriend and all his savings just to get rid of me!! HA!! :D

Times change fortunes change and so too the design needs one can have afford desire etc... the fruits of our madness can be seen in the foibles of our changes :cool: eh?

Take it easy

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ken mcclure
12-07-2002, 10:49 AM
Ah. This is, to me, one of the most valuable results of dreaming. I can build in my mind many boats and "test them out" without spending a single penny!

Through this process I have gone from a Herreshoff Mobjack to a Neria ketch and then a Marco Polo. I jumped from there to designs from Alden, Atkin, Hess and Garden.

After sailing the seas with marconi rigs, ketches and yawls I began to "see" the merits of the iron breeze and started on a series of motorsailers. Of course, using mostly the engine for propulsion, the natural migration path was to power boat designs.

Of course in the middle of all this I realized that small boat sailing would always be of interest so I started building my Eun Mara, the process of which has been interrupted but is destined to continue.

Still in the works is the probability of a 35- to 40-foot power boat with auxiliary sails - probably of my own design with features taken from various boats that I like.

The other major value these dreams have had for me is the maintenance of my sanity during a financial storm by which all future bad economic weather will be measured.

Phil Young
12-10-2002, 09:38 PM
Sounds like same dream, different vehicle. You need to think about that, define what the dream is so it can become a goal, work out the best way to achieve the goal and then go to it. As long as you're dreaming about different boats because one or other takes your fancy at a given time, best keep dreaming for a while, because if you put it into action you may end up with a boat that doesn't actually suit your dream. That's a nightmare.

Wild Dingo
12-10-2002, 10:45 PM

And thats why I havent committed!... well almost I am doin the canoes!! but having committed to a final "thats it thats the one" design...

Throwing these ideas around will help me solidify where I or someone else who may be thinking along the same lines are going... maybe?...

Take it easy