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Tom Galyen
12-01-2002, 09:50 PM

I'm looking for info on the USSCG Cutter Icarus launched at the Bath Iron Works in 1932. I realize that she was not all wood, but maybe someone, especially someone in Maine could help me. She was a 165' class "B" cutter of the Thetis class. There were 9 of these cutters built between 1932 and maybe 1936. All were named after gods. The ones I know of are "Thetis", "Icarus", "Pandora", "Hermes", "Galatea", "Triton", and "Electra". "Electra" was not long with the CG as she was turned over to the USN in 1935 to be converted into the the presidential yacht "Potomac". This gives you an idea of what these patrol vessels looked like.

The info on "Icarus" that I need is her designer. I have all the particulars from the CG history dept. but they did not list the designer. I would like this small part of her history to aid my father who is writing of his time in the CG before and after WWII. He served on "Icarus" until just before her patrol when she attacked and sank U-352. He had an appendicitus attack and while recovering was sent to the NYC Captian of the Ports office where they found he could type. Strange switch for a Boatswain Mate.

can anyone help me find her designer?


Tom G.

Ken Liden
12-01-2002, 11:15 PM
According to Dr. Robert Scheina Coast Guard historian there were 18 sisterships in the 165B class. His book states that all were commissioned between Dec.1,1931 and Nov.20,1934. There designation was WPC. There names were "ARGO" 100, "ARIADNE" 101, "ATALANTA" 102, "AURORA" 103, "CALYPSO" 104, "CYANE" 105, "DAPHNE" 106, "DIONE" 107, "GALATEA" 108, "HERMES" 109, "ICARUS" 110, "NEMESIS" 111, "NIKE" 112, "PANDORA" 113, "PERSEUS" 114, "THETIS" 115, "TRITON" 116, "ELECTRA" 187. No mention of the designer. Try the National Archives. There address is

National Archives at College Park
Cartographic & Architectural Branch (NNSC)
National Archives & Records Administration
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD. 20740

12-01-2002, 11:23 PM
I should think the Maine Maritime Museum would know, or know who to ask.


They are located just a stone throw down the road from BIW.

Ask for the curator's office.