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And how many years has she had to endure sitting on her fin...day in and day out...tide in tide out...heck of a way to treat her.Her heavy water logged hull on the bottom of the small fin! How many lbs/sq. inch is that...?

And no dink!... but I know where you can get one for $10,500....OR for the same money an $8000/1972 Viking(excellent condition with new engines!)along with a $2000 dink....and the $500 you say...thats the price of the oar locks....sorry oars not included.

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That picture is just to show what her bottom looks like. She is not suffering from neglect or a rise and fall of tide.
The boat is still a steal despite not having a dinghy @ $39,000 cdn.

11-08-2002, 07:35 AM
I was hopin' someone would say it was a one time sit on her fin..but "who knew"....still, even one time without some hull support is certainly hard on her..hey. smile.gif

11-09-2002, 04:37 AM
I know of that boat! There's a book called "Sailing Back In Time" ( http://www.hiddenplaces.net/book-sailing.htm ) about her and the Farrells and their final cruise intermingled with their history in and around Vancouver Island and the north sound. It's a fantastic read. Allan Farrell built that boat out of found driftwood! He and his wife lived on her for many years. He died in Vancouver BC back in July of this year (2002) after being medevaced off this boat. I think he was in his 90's. Poor guy, his wife died about 3 years ago and I gather he was pretty lost without her, so I think he was glad to go (please read that as sympathy, not pity - he had a hard and wonderful life.)

The boat's original name was "China Cloud" and it was junk rigged. I think she's a bilge keeler and is meant to take the hard like that. The engine is new to her - Farrell was the ultimate tree-hugger (and unionist - a wobbly even) and wouldn't have been caught dead with an engine. There's no plumbing for the head for the same reason - he and his wife used a ceder bucket. He built a great many other boats large and small, many (all?) of which are described in the back of the book. He built them all pretty much out of driftwood and hand tools right on the shore.

The tales in the book are fascinating too: Canadians that used to come down to the US to rob stores and banks and make their getaway by boat (one got shot and the other was hung for shooting a policeman); all the people who came out of the cities to live on the land during the great depression... Indians and settlers... amazing!

Many thanks to John Welsford, my Kiwi friend and boat designer, who turned me on to them. He happened to have known one of the people that appears in the book (the German's girlfriend) and who later ended up living the same sort of life described in the book in New Zealand.

"The islands stretch away as far as the eye can see, fading to a translucent grey-green against the horizon... In the dimming light, China Cloud is like a fairy-tale craft with her big moth wings, smoke curling from her stove pipe, and a white-haired couple at the tiller, singing old songs."

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Dave Williams
11-09-2002, 10:32 AM

Actually that's not China Cloud. Last I knew she was in Canoe Cove on Vancouver Island. That is another boat built by Allen. But you are right on about the Ferrells and the book. An amazing couple and a great loss that they are gone.

Here's to kindness,

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"August Moon" is the boat for sale. She was previously owned by Dan Rubin, author of another account of the Farrells - "Salt on the Wind".

"China Cloud" is in the good hands of Gerry Fossum (previous owner of "Native Girl")in the Victoria area. He knows that the boat is a treasure and puts his heart into it.

"Native Girl" appeared in several issues of the Woodenboat classifieds this year before being sold this past summer. I'm not sure if she will remain in BC or where she is.

I think the cutter "Ocean Bird" just finished a lengthy haul-out and is in the Lund area.

The Fishing boat "Kivi" is at the Silva Bay Shipyard school.

"Wind Song" was sunk in a harbour in a hurricane in the Fijian islands back in the 50's.

I'm not sure if anyone knows the whereabouts of "Ocean Girl" anymore. :(

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Any recent siteings of China Cloud?

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Should read 'sightings'.

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...unless it's a web page 'site' ing...

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The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

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The boat has probably changed hands and the advert page is gone.

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If you cann't come up with something more original than your stolen quote then you my friend are not thinking for yourself. Best regards

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China Cloud is currently in Esquimalt, where her owners live aboard. She has recently had her paint and topsides freshened up, and is awaiting a new suit of sails and rigging this coming spring. She's in good hands.

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Originally posted by jwaldin:
If you cann't come up with something more original than your stolen quote then you my friend are not thinking for yourself. Best regardsYou are assuming facts not in evidence sir. I may not have been the first to come up with the quote, but I didn't steal it from anyone!

If you have anything else to say on the matter, post it over in Misc. Non-Boat Related please.

Best regards to you too!

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My apologies. I'll stick to the subject in future.