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Wild Dingo
03-27-2003, 01:28 PM
Gidday Jerry
Look mate Ive been thinking over what you said awhile back about the Perahu Lambo boats of Indonesia and well this one has come on the market here... within the last few days! and I only spotted it a few minutes ago...


at boatlocator.com.au (http://www.boatlocator.com.au/10952.htm)

Is this the sort you were meaning back then?... Im heading up to Freo tomorrow {actually today in about 5 hours :rolleyes: } with Tiff in tow for a museum wander while Bethany goes on her day sail on the STS Llewynn {and no parents were allowed so they know what they can do at their sports meets dont they!} and we will probably go have a bit of a gander at her... what things {problems and such} should I be on the lookout for?

03-27-2003, 01:34 PM
Up a bit late tonight, aren't ya, Shane?

Wild Dingo
03-28-2003, 10:33 AM
Aint life weird Michael?... I mean I rang the broker in Kingsley {way the buggary over the other side of Perth from me} thinking that it would probably be in Fremantle {Still a hike for me but I was going that way today so figured to take a side track and have a gander} but on queerying the joker at the brokers the boat is... tada in Pinjarra!! less than 15 minutes away!! :D

Anyways havent got to her yet still trying to raise the owners...

But went to Freo with Yaz was going to take Tiff but she got "busy" doing somethin or other 17 year old girls do window shoppin for clothes with her mom I think :rolleyes: and Yaz was "free" with a free lunch offer as persuasion to come along with me... and so we spent one heck of a day prowling the new fancy museum up there!! :cool: I'll say the day we shared was great for the company but the museum was a total disappointment as far as getting photos goes! I'll post something in imagestation in a bit and post a link and you'll see what I mean... many millions lots of boats and history but buggared if you could get a decent photo of anything! :mad: everything jammed into as small an area as possible...

anyway Pinjarra tomorrow Im hopeing! :cool:

On Vacation
03-28-2003, 12:15 PM
With the marathon hunt still underway,what will you do if the ideal schooner is "given" to you? :(

Wild Dingo
03-28-2003, 11:39 PM
Faint??? :D

Im flamin serious! :eek: ...then my work would begin... :cool: ...ooohhh and by gawd Id be grinnin all over ;) ...but mate that aint gonna happen Im a realist someone giving me a schooner is about as likely as me flyin to the moon! So the search continues :rolleyes:

edited to add... Of course if some kind wonderfull generous hearted person WANTS to give or "donate" a schooner to moi.. well I would gratefully accept it! :cool: ... in a flash! ...I mean I can even save them some effort and direct their kind hearted selves to a fine looking schooner with my name on it down in Savannah Georgia... you offering Mike?~!! HA! :D

ooops no I cant... Tilton has been sold!! :eek:

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Jerry Sousa
04-02-2003, 12:34 PM
Shane, Sorry I've only just seen this now having been down below for too long.

How long you been gamin' at boats now, some two years at least. How could you even consider this boat unless you were attempting to bring immigrants into your country illegally? Just look at the port side pic of the bow - how many stealers has the builder used there? Seems to me as though it was built with off-cuts.

Generally the boat, nice lines that she has, seems stripped! Why did'nt they post a picture of the engine eh? Or post pictures of the cabin. The one they had of the aft deck it looks rotted!!

15,000 Australian dollars is all they're asking? Now I know the Aussie dollar is'nt worth much more than a wet tissue after a Hong Konger has been done sneezing into it but, strewth mate, that really is a give away to the boy scouts job, dontcha think?