View Full Version : Steven Bauer hows Elf getting on?

Wild Dingo
09-11-2003, 09:34 PM
I just had an email regarding Elf and wondered if you and your hoon had progressed on the build and are willing to show your efforts?... Ive replied and informed her that its you not me thats building her so you may well get a nice wee email requesting info soon! :cool:

mmmm while Im at it mate hows the Eun Mara going? moulds done? planked? decked? sailing? :eek: now that would be :cool: eh? ;)

imported_Steven Bauer
09-12-2003, 12:32 AM
Hi Shane, we've made some progress but it's going slowly. Gavin just finished beveling the inner sternpost a few days ago. And I just cut the keelson out of that recycled fir we got. The molds are all set up on the building form, so the next step is to mount the inner stem and inner sternpost to the molds and connect the keelson to both, then fair everything for planking. We'll make the first planks out of the 3/8" Sepeli plywood I got last week, and the two upper planks of 1/4". He was away at camp (Seeds Of Peace International Camp) and then school started up and he's on the soccer team...

Eun Mara. The deal on Eun Mara was I couldn't start building her until the kitchen was done. I just made all the drawer boxes today. I need to mount them and make the doors and drawer fronts. And finish the soapstone tiling around the big soapstone sink. Then I'd like to insulate and sheetrock the garage and install the woodstove I bought (ie build a chimney) so I can work on the Eun Mara all year long. I'll have much more time to work on her in the winter. I hope.

What have you been making with your new tablesaw? I haven't seen any recent pics from down your way.


Wild Dingo
09-12-2003, 06:57 AM
Ive been muckin about tryin to seal the bloody new shed to stop the water getting in!!... but I need to get more silicone onto the far front door cause its comin in again... bloody incompetent idiots its the doors see the buggars made them wrong theres an inch and a half gap at one end and 1/2 in gap at the other and a 1/2in gap down each side well to say the rain comes flowin in is an understatement! enough to seriously iritate one!... ANYWAYS! Ive got it pretty much buggared now so its just putting a bit more in to finish it off.

Anyway Ive cut out and bolted the legs to my new Tuart workbench and am doin the top, bottom shelf and front tomorrow then she'll be apples! :D

Ive also cut and planed possums new sheoak coffee table and side tables rounded the legs and am planning on routing a 1/4in slot all around the top tomorrow to fit a bead of pine in for contrast unless I can cadge Jos dad into lettin me cut down a couple of banskias on his property while theyre in England {St Just in Roseland in Cornwall for a few months as I understand it John R Smiths country!} I will use that instead of the pine... then its sanding time!! :D yeeeeeeflaminha!!! gotta get used to doin that tongue.gif ... Jos got plans on buyin the envirotek stuff next week to give the thick hard coating that she likes on these sort of things. Im hoping to have that done by next week week after at the latest... all things goin well should be... we do live in hope!

Ive raided the stacks to find the best 2 peices of 6 x 5 for the keel to Valgerda who Ive decided to have a bash at butcher... eerrr buggerin... mmmmm lets try building shall we? ;) and theyre sitting in the shed adjusting themselves nicely... I actually think Im getting a bit of a masachistic streak either that or Im just a glutton for punishment... but since ply is so ruddy dear around here Ive pretty much decided to build it with solid timber... Ive met up with a retired bloke with a lucas mill whos also a bit of a dreamer and doer whos always wanted to build a boat but has never taken the step to starting not even plans :eek: ... and he's offered to cut some excess Jarrah he has {by excess he calls it his "superanuation fund" a flamin great 60x20 shed chockers with cut stickered and stacked dryin timbers!} to whatever sized planks I want for zip as long as he can help and have first dibs on a sail at launch day... and mate thats a price I cant resist!

Jos planning on buying a 6mtr x 3mtr demountable carport steel supports with tarp top and sides zip up ends with windows along the long sides she reckons for cars but Im sorta plannin on restacking the timber in there before she gets the cars in!! Im thinking they would be happier being stacked up on top of the limestone drive on bricks under a nice firm covering rather than out on the grass and she can start muckin about in her front garden again. ;)

Soooo theres the plans and doins! :cool:

Hes movin along isnt he?! great stuff! should be a brilliant experience for both of you Im planning on roping Aaron in on this... for him as long as he gets to use the new beaut table saw he will be stoked... gotta get a new fence for that!! the one that came with it sux seriously... but have you seen the price of those bloody fancy ones? EGAD!!! :eek: ah well all things come to fruition given time eh?

Russell Sova
09-12-2003, 07:50 AM
That would never happen in America. Everything here is fair dinkum, mate.

imported_Steven Bauer
09-12-2003, 07:10 PM
Shane, that's great news! I love Valgerda! I saw one at the Maine Boatbuilders Show 3 or 4 years ago. There were lots of bigger, fancier boats there but I kept coming back to that Valgerda. I got some info from the builder, maybe even a study plan, but when I looked for them recently I couldn't find them. :( I was going to send you copies. Great choice for you. She is kinda like a Caledonia Yawl. Lots of room for hoons and even good for camping out in.

I thought of you when I saw the latest issue of Messing About In Boats - Check out this ad:

24' Ostkust Sloop. Wkendr cruiser designed by Al Mason of Sparkman and Stephens for Rudder in '44. Built by Joel Johnson(Bridgeport)'59. Mahogany hull on oak refastened '98 superb cond. Slps 3-4, new cushion covers. Roller reefing on boom. 12 hp Vire IB. Stove, depthsounder, anchor, lines, compass battery pumps, extinguishers, fenders,; all new. Located Maine $13,750. David Kelland, Arlington, Mass(781)861-8981

And there's a nice line drawing of the boat and rigging.
What do you think, got a spare $14k? We could get forumites to sail it down to you in shifts! Huh? Huh?


02-22-2007, 08:48 PM
Hey Shane, guess who has this Ostkust under contract? :)

Check out the dates here folks. :D


02-22-2007, 09:03 PM
That's the same boat. Amazing.