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Scott Haddad
06-26-2003, 04:57 PM
I am negotiating for this cruiser and am 99% certain that it will be mine. This boat has a rounded bilge carvel hull with a few problems in the keel and in the hull planking. I am not looking forward to sitting under this boat. Anyone have any ideas on how to turn it upside down in the backyard without a crane or any building upon which to use a hoist ? Also, any suggestions on the best way to tell which kind of planking lumber is on it? It looks like cedar or cypress. This boat was built in south florida. Anyone know any history on the Morgan boat company? I have done a few searches on the net and no results. Thanks, Scott P. S. This boat is on a trailer

Dale R. Hamilton
06-27-2003, 11:02 AM
Scott- very surprised some of these old fuds have not responded to your very pertinent question. So, here's what I'd do in a yard with no crane or gin pole. First, build a timber frame over her deck/house and down one side-which will serve as her building jig- just the way she was built before then added a deck. Then hire a backhoe- these can generally be had almost anywhere, are much handier and cheaper than a crane. Backhoe bucket chains to one side of your frame, and lifts to the balance point. then rolls forward laying the boat on its beam- the one you have framed up. Then backoe repreats the process to complete the roll. I saw this done on a 24' Chris hull and it worked like a charm. Be sure to measure how much lift you need and that its within the capability of the machine you hire. Good luck.

Scott Haddad
06-29-2003, 10:00 AM
Thanks Dale, For the great idea. I am concerned about how to support her properly during the roll over, I guess I need to build an internal framework that will serve as a building jig type structure which will tie into the external framework. The topsides is in pretty good shape and I really don't want to remove any of it. It's gonna take me some time to figure out the best way to support this boat. This boat is 32 feet long and this will be my first attempt at a boat this size. There is a great story that goes along with this boat and if the members are interested in it ,I will share the sad story. I would also like to mention that this boat has been on a trailer for about 35+ years (covered).

Paul Denison
06-29-2003, 10:10 AM
Oh no, not a story! No one here likes stories. ;)