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10-06-2004, 02:03 PM
Nice oarlocks!


Alan D. Hyde
10-06-2004, 03:45 PM
A pretty boat, and perhaps a good deal, depending on condition.



Dave Fleming
10-06-2004, 04:10 PM
Speaking from experience albiet a long long time ago. Those boats were worked hard and not given the best of care. Any maintainance was done off season by town workers not necessarily boat builders. Although some did go back to shops like Hankins for rehab if needed.

What the heck did we know about boat building at 17/18 years of age? Most of us were college kids from the city whose parents had summer homes in the nearby communities.

Bet that boat has 100 lbs of paint on it!

<insert big rolleyed grin here>

10-11-2004, 07:54 AM
I saw this last week & wish I had a place to keep her. I would say that her lines confirm she is a Nau skiff as the write up sort of indicates. --- I talked to Warren a couple of years ago about his boat building career (he now lives in Pa. with his daughter). Warren Nau had his shop in Morgan NJ (burned down by kid arsonists about 4 yrs ago), his dad started boatbuilding in 1938 & was later joined by Warren. I believe early on they built mostly commercial pound boats for the local fishermen. They built boats up to 38' in length. He & Charles Hakins were the two main suppliers of surf boats for the life guards of the bathing beaches of the NJ shore. Hankins' skiffs were used primarily on the mid state beaches up to about Long Branch while Nau's skiffs were used more from Long Branch north to Sandy Hook. Warren Nau's boats had finer lines than Hankins' and were therefore prefered for the life guard races & competitions on the shore. Warren told me that he felt bad for some of the life guards because some of the towns would not fund new boats & the life guards wanted one of his, so they would chip in & pay for it themselves (they wanted to win the races with a new Nau boat). It is unfortunate that Warren Nau was not even mentioned in the book "The Sea Bright Skiff & Other Boats" by Peter Guthorne as Warren was a definate contributor to boatbuilding on the Jersy shore. Warren told me that he was interviewed for the book by Guthorne & that they got into some sort of a disagreement as to how the material would be presented in the proposed book, so Guthorne totally left him out. (Pat Cox, a past & still occasional forumite purchased Nau's building forms & some materials & did a real nice job buillding A Nau skiff.)
Surf boat by Warren Nau.
Surf boats by Hankins. - Much fuller & rounder hull, not as fast.