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12-07-2002, 03:16 PM
PT 105, by Dick Keresy, naval Institute Press.

"On the way to the Galapagos, the 105 put on her own display of unsinkability. We were running through huge seas, which did not faze her as long as I was careful. Sure enough, I got careless on the down slope of a monster wave. The succeeding wave came along while her bow was still sliding down. All I had to do was "quarter" it, turn her bow so she would climb the oncoming wave at a slant, but I was gabbing with Ellis, the radioman. Too late, I watched in stunned silence as the bow disappeared in solid blue water, like a diving submarine. Water surged over the bow deck and rushed through the cockpit, yanking at my legs. Ellis saw it coming and ducked into the charthouse slamming the door behind him. The water rushed onwardto the stern and down the open engine room hatch. For a terrifying instant the 105 was entirely underwater. Then she popped out the other side of the wave. The engines, sitting in half a foot of water continued running with out a cough or sneeze. My fright was nothing compared to the kid in the engine room who sat on his perch above the three Packards and watched as seawater cascaded down in front of him. The 105 forged ahead as if going under, rather than over, the waves was all the same to her."

12-08-2002, 11:13 AM
My brother in law owns a book store and always sends me interesting books( with the cover missing of course)
This one is an oldie "Three Men in a Boat, Three Men on the Bummel ". " Three men in a boat" is a story about a trip up the Thames river in England during the victorian era. Oxford classic. Very very funny! isbn# 0192880330

He also sent me "Lobster Chronicles" by Linda Greenlaw. Linda Greenlaw (of Perfect Storm movie fame) jumped ship as a sword boat captain and moved back home to Isle Au Haute Maine to go lobstering and write books. I have only picked through it at this point, but it looks like mostly poorly written stories about her, lobsters and locals. isbn#0786866772
Not as interesting as her first book "The Hungry Ocean"


Steve Reckner
12-10-2002, 09:47 PM
If you can find a copy of Waterline by Joe Soucheray, get it. It's out-of-print but worth searching for. The author writes of his search, discovery and restoration of a 1938 17' Chris Craft Deluxe utility like his dad had when Soucheray was a boy. In the process, he gets a prize-winning boat and a restored connection with his dad.