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Joe Dupere
11-02-2005, 03:10 PM
This past Sunday, Glenn and I hit the streams again. A little less than 10 miles up the Penobscot on the east side from my house is the Sunkhaze Stream. It's part of the Sunkhaze National Wildlife refuge and is a flyway for various ducks and geese.

Sunday was nice and warm, must have been in the upper fifties and not cloudy. The put in at the stream is on private property. They let me back the truck up and we launched the Shellback. This week instead of his punt, Glenn was in a small kayak. Where we put in the entrance road to the Dawn til Done organic farm. They had a trebuchet set up and were flinging pumpkins about 100 yards down field. It was kinda cool. They held off for a bit so we could clear the bend around the end of the field. We found pumpkins floating in the water for nearly a mile and a half up the stream!!

The day was nice, there are still leaves on the trees, Sunkhaze is a nice wide stream, although still overflowing from all the rain we've had in the last three weeks or so... Here's a shot about a quarter mile up the river from pumpkin bend..


This is one of the nice stretches of the stream, the sun was shining onto the north bank bringing out the colors of the remaining leaves.


This was the prettiest spot on the stream in my mind. The south bank was high, this was an 'S' bend in the stream with a nice camp on the bank.


According to the topo maps and checking on terra serve, the stream opens out into a bog, and does the serpentine winding that seems to be typical of the bog streams around here, but the water was so high, we couldn't find a channel and it looked like a lake instead. According to the GPS we got about a mile and half down the length of it, and still didn't reach the end before we had to turn back.


But, as always, we hit a point where we had to turn back so we wouldn't get caught out after sunset. Here's a final shot heading back to pumpkin bend. By this time it was about 20 minutes to sunset, and we hadn't heard the trebuchet in a while...


And so ended another rowing adventure. We went approximately 11 1/2 miles. It started to get a bit nippy on the home stretch, but all in all it was a good day. Maybe we'll get another row or two in before the end of the year.


11-02-2005, 04:03 PM
Beautiful Joe. The last few days have made me think, I need a true impulse boat. The Lugger is pretty easy, but it's not impulse.

Gawd, it's been spectacular New England Fall weather since the rain stopped. Swett's pond, maybe four hundred acres, is just up the road, and when I drive by I wish I had a little double paddle canoe. Just for an hour's dunk.

Glad you got out.

11-02-2005, 04:31 PM
Great shots Joe...As you are down there in Bangor or cles enough....I would suggest printing them up so you can look at them in a month or two...
Needless to say...I do miss the falls down there but they were always too short.