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Alan Peck
11-27-2002, 06:37 PM
Of course Thanksgiving is a time to think of the things we are thankful for.

One of the things I am most thankful for is the Wooden Boat Forum. I am especially thankful for the time that so many people have taken to answer my boat building questions.

Thank you one and all!

Thanks also to the Wooden Boat Magazine folks!

11-27-2002, 11:36 PM
Amen -

Margo & Dave

Wild Dingo
11-28-2002, 01:01 AM
yep agreed... and hey I dont even celebrate thanksgiving!!

Take it easy

capt jake
11-28-2002, 01:06 AM
Can't say much more than that!

Happy Turkey Day!!! And thank goodness for the leftovers...........

Be safe Y'all!!!

11-28-2002, 08:16 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to all also! smile.gif

11-28-2002, 08:37 AM
It's really hard for me to be thankful today, but there are things that I have to be thankful about. I'm thankful for my restored good health, I'm thankful that I have two beautiful and bright children, I'm thankful for the five dogs that demand I get up at dawn each day, I'm thankful that I have a house to keep us all warm in the winter, I'm thankful that there is food to keep us warm inside, but most importantly I'm thankful for having such supportive friends and family around us this year.


11-28-2002, 08:43 AM
Here I am feeling sorry for myself again, because this housemate situatation, which was up for a few days is down again, way down. Then Lisa steps in and tells all she has to be thankful for and puts my problems in perspective, and my grousing to shame.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Even you Shane smile.gif


Roger Stouff
11-28-2002, 09:45 AM
Celebrate Thanksgiving traditionally: Hug an Indian!

Happy Thanksgiving to all you kind folks.


J. Dillon
11-28-2002, 10:47 AM
Amen to all of the above. Happy Thanksgiving to all. WE are blessed to be living in a great country. Some people jump off boats to get here. We must be doing something right.


Mr. Know It All
11-28-2002, 11:24 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to all my good friends at The Wooden Boat Forum. smile.gif I am truly thankful to you all, for your fellowship and guideance.
Kevin in Ohio

Tar Devil
11-28-2002, 11:48 AM
Foremost, I'm thankful for my family, and that's enough to be thankful for in my book.

But I'm fortunate enough to have friends as well. I grateful for my cyber friends here in the WBF... it's the most unique forum in all of cyberspace, full of character, diversity, good advice and camaraderie.

There are a few of you who have been dealt some severe blows recently, and I stand in admiration of your strength through those events (not to leave anyone out, but Lisa surfaces in my mind quite frequently). I raise my glass to all of you!



Wild Dingo
11-28-2002, 01:49 PM
Happy Thanksgiving folks!!... you know Ive just had the greatest thanksgiving ever... even if it was me first!... what happened you ask? why heck hang on a tic while I takes me a wee drinkypoos... slurp... ahhh thats better... ;)

Now I was mindin me own business as one is wont to do at 11.15pm on a Thursday night when there comes a ringing a jingle on the phone... the daughter shes a playing tickle the ivorys on the computer in the corner and picks up that amazing instument that comes to us from one of your own... she picks it up and says a few words "who is it" I yell from the other room "Some American guy for you dada" she calls back... "WHAT THA???" I wonder as I pick up the other phone "okay hang the thing up" I yells as I says to the phone "gidday?" and of a sudden this down south deep southern hamerican voice comes across as clear as a bell "Is that the Wild Dingo?" I laugh someones takin the piss I think "yeah this is the dingo" I answer as I laugh still wondering who the blazes it could be on the other end of the line talkin with me

"This is George Bush" says he "I need you to write some speaches for me" Now at this I laughed quite heartily believe me Imagine me writing for Dubya wouldnt that be the bees knees!! {actually Ive got my maiden speach all writen for him to read flamin bobbydazzler to she is} Then the voice on the other end says "howdy maayte its OysterMike and I thought Id give you a jingle as my Auwssie mates say" well believe me fellas you coulda knocked me over with a feather of duck down I was a dodo bird dumbfounded and staggered!

Ends up he wanted to say gidday on thanksgiving and just picked up the phone and did so... a true blue legend if'n I do say so meself!... hes had his honorary Aussie status for some time so its okay to call him true blue and ridgey didge... :D

Soooo Happy Thanksgiving OysterMike and family enjoy the 20lb turkey and the oysters and all the trimmins... Enjoy your day I know that capped my day and made it complete thanks mate!

To everyone happy thanksgiving from me to you and your lot wherever you are! enjoy yourselves be safe and be happy!

Oooh and Mike?... You know when you tried to get your missus and hoons to have a listen to me accent and they wouldnt??... possumpoop and Tiff were laughing listening to yours!!! HA!!! ...man it was clear as though you were right there next to us... simply amazing!

Have a good one mates and matesses oh and you hoons too! :D

Take it easy

imported_Steven Bauer
11-28-2002, 01:57 PM
Happy Thanksgiving,all. And thanks to all of you. I just found out that my brother was so busy cleaning and getting his house ready he forgot to put the turkey in the oven! He forgot to put the turkey in! redface.gif :mad: redface.gif . He forgot to put the turkey in!
Looks like a late dinner for us. :(

Dingo, I wish we all could have listened in. Send me your Snail Mail address, I'll send some stuff down.

Memphis Mike
11-28-2002, 02:31 PM
Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Mike and Sue

Wild Dingo
11-29-2002, 01:56 AM
eeerrrr Steve?? mate... eeerrr I dont know how to say this... but mate I really dont want any of that left over turkey that your brother forgot to put in the oven!

That amazes me you know... your brother FORGOT... actually forflamingot to put the turkey in the oven... not to rub this in at all but hooooooeeee they FORFLAMINGOT to put it in... betcha they turned the oven on right?!... blonde right??? tongue.gif {yeah yeah three quarters of the people here are flmain blondes I reckon it gives me baggin rights! :D }... geeez mate I hope you gave them some serious stick over that!... and eeerrr now yer wanna send it down here??? :eek: ... NOW THATS A WORRY!!! ...HA!!! :D :D

Take it easy