View Full Version : Double Standard at Justice

Ian McColgin
09-29-2004, 08:43 AM
The New York Times has sued Ashcroft's Justice Department in an attempt to prevent them from obtaining third party phone logs. The feds were much embarrassed by the post-September 11 reporting of Philip Shenon and Judith Miller but have been thwarted from obtaining information identifying those reporters' inside sourses. So now they are looking to a rather wholesale gathering of individual phone logs in an attempt to figure out who dimed them out. Since they don't know who to suspect, they must spread a wide net which also means that the targets of this investigation can't know what's up to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, Justice shows no interest in figuring out who dimed Ms Plame to Novak.

So we have invasive prosecution of whistle-blowers who did not commit a crime and no similar vigor in catching the policically motivated squeelers who did commit a federal crime.

Anyone surprised?