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07-21-2004, 02:41 AM
I've just bought 5 old National Geographics via Ebay.
July 1926,August 1927,November 1928,August 1929 and December 1929.They are absolutely marvellous ! Really a window to that era and a chance to relive a boyhood pleasure.I had a small collection as a child but they disappeared during one of our many shifts , I spent hours lost in them....they represented a world so strange to a middle class child in 1960s South Australia.....Butterflys from the Amazon, crofters in the Hebrides ,stone cottages in Serbia.They were all pre WW2....I found the post war issues somehow lacking.

Did anyone else out there enjoy National Geographic as much as me ?

07-21-2004, 02:48 AM
Oh, heck yes. My dad has been a member since before I was born (I'm 46). I myself was a member for many years. I recently donated my collection (all in the dustcovers, whatever you call those things) to the library. Had nowhere left to keep them.

I have seen some of the very old National Geographics, the issues that featured only one article. I think that they were from around WWII vintage. Great, great stuff.

Oh yeah, photographic editor Jodi Cobb is my wife's cousin, although I have never had the honor of meeting her. Cool job, eh?

Mickey Lake

km gresham
07-21-2004, 07:18 AM
We were running into a problem - we were either going to have to start discarding them or buy another house to store them. smile.gif My father never discarded any of his and we were on the same path to being overrun by National Geographics. I finally had to bite the bullet and let them go - we've kept some of the more special ones - the "swimsuit" edition among them smile.gif
Some of those really old ones would be neat to have! smile.gif

Paul Pless
07-21-2004, 07:53 AM
They were a mainstay of my childhood. I've got nine brothers and sisters and my dad's collection of them is split amongst us. As a kid I loved the maps.

07-21-2004, 11:01 AM
Maps were GREAT!!!

Then, my dad started ordering the hardbound cases for them!!

I still, when there, like to look at them ... for the old ads, if nothing else!!!

Just the other day, I was looking at an ad for the Chevy LUV!


Jack Heinlen
07-21-2004, 11:08 AM
When I was ten, we moved. The last thing, the onliest thing left in the house we moved from was a collection of NGs dating back to the beginning. We didn't have the oomph. I still think on them.

A marvelous pub. Enough to set any adolescent boy to wandering away from his responsibilities. smile.gif

07-21-2004, 04:58 PM
Actually Jack I reckon they were about the best thing for me to expand my horizons...in every sense .They complimented school, gave some kind of reality to history and geography.Kind of fantasy combined with reality.