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John C. Gresham
12-13-2004, 01:56 AM
-MP3 Music Watch -- Imagine if you will, you're stuck in an elevator that's playing something that sounds as though it's been created by sending cats through a meat grinder while they attempted to sing a classic Cher song. Now imagine that you reach into your pocket and in front of everybody else who is being forced to suffer through the cat-grinder-Cher song while you're stuck on the aforementioned elevator, you produce a pair of earpieces, plug them into your watch, and proceed to listen to something that doesn't suck. You can do that with this watch, that gives you some time of music that you've decided doesn't suck, and while you listen to your music in your watch you can actually tell time. Be advised that listening to music from your watch may keep you from hearing people when they ask you if you know what time it is.
$139.99 @ ThinkGeek.com

-Wristwatch Television -- Now go beyond what you've imagined in the last scenario, and indeed go beyond what you've ever known about watches. Pretend you're in the elevator but instead of plugging your earpieces into your watch to listen to music, you plug in to your watch that way you can hear what's going on while you watch your favorite TV show that's aired on network television. You'll be able to watch the breaking news broadcast of some really cool guy stuck in an elevator while he watches TV from the comfort of his own wrist.
$199.99 @ ThinkGeek.com

-PQI Intelligent Stick 2.0 -- This item having nothing to do with elevators might make you think that it lacks in coolness. Well, what it may very well lack in coolness it makes up for in AWESOMENESS. With jump/flash drives becoming a primary medium for transferring data from one computer to another, it only stands to reason that some company would find it in their hearts to make a USB drive the size of a quarter. Dig around in your pocket. Got a quarter? That's the size of this thing. When you're told that size doesn't matter, they're obviously not talking about this thing...'cause it can be purchased in such a way that you can hold an entire GIGABYTE of tasty information (such as recipes, or porn) on it.
$24.99 - $99.99 (for the gig one) @ ThinkGeek.com

-Geekman Action Figure -- The world is run by the Geeks. Remember, the Geeks shall inherit the Earth. What better way to impress...nay...flatter the Geeks of the Earth than by having an action figure shrine to them? The 6 inch tall bespectacled, pocket-protector-wearing Geekman action figure is known for his "ungodly coding abilities," "opposite sex repulsion" and "less than ideal personal hygiene routine." Make sure your local Geek sees this action figure somewhere near you, and you'll be spared the brutal death of being beaten with milk jugs filled with concrete when we really take over the world.
$15.99 @ ThinkGeek.com

-Despair, Inc 2005 Calendars -- Everybody knows you're tired of those inspirational posters and calendars with the pictures of bikers winning races and puppies being happy that have quotes like "The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Now you can have the anti-inspirational poster that showcases happy puppies, but with more realistic quotes such as "The journey of a thousand miles sometimes ends very, very badly."
$19.99 @ ThinkGeek.com

-RoboSapien -- Be the first kid on your block to have a robot in your very possession that dances, burps, farts, and almost certainly with a few modifications can be convinced to silently kill the noisy neighbors in an exquisitely ninja-like fashion. Words are hardly worthy enough to convey the severe levels of Awesome that this robot seethes with
$84.99 @ ThinkGeek.com

-Albert Einstein Action Figure -- The ultimate in Geek technology, and Geekman's uber-mentor is now immortalized in action figure form, complete without Judo-Chopping action. This figure boasts hair that you've not seen since treasure trolls were all the rage, or since you last saw Don King. He comes dressed for intense classroom action, and will surely inspire you to create your own theory of relativity called "the theory of COOLativity."
$7.99 @ ThinkGeek.com

(It should be pointed out that I got all these ideas at ThinkGeek.com 'cause they're freakin' righteous. They didn't pay me for an endorsement, but they'd be more than welcome to.)

12-13-2004, 03:06 PM
Talk about meaningless vapid gift ideas..... :rolleyes:

km gresham
12-13-2004, 03:13 PM
Well, I guess there are always potholders and pajamas. We all have our own interests - that's what makes the world and the economy go round. Guess we all know what not to get you!

I got a meaningless vapid gift myself. I love it. smile.gif

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Ron Williamson
12-14-2004, 06:38 AM
Is it a Thermor?
If so,my BIL spent the summer,on the phone to China,trying to get that thing into production and onto a ship,for Christmas.
If it's a POS he will want to know.

ken mcclure
12-16-2004, 08:50 AM
Can't resist.

Since our dog died a couple years ago, we've been waiting for the baby to get old enough to have a proper relationship with and take part in the care of another dog.

The time has come.

After thinking briefly of a few different breeds, we settled on - a "something from Animal Friends" choice. We had heard good things about beagles and dachshunds. I'm not partial to weiner dogs, but then the dog will be for the baby so I don't have much of a vote in this one. SWMBO was meeting with the director of Animal Friends (they rescue animals and place them in homes - they never euthanise) and she told my wife that a puppy had come in that might suit: a mixed-breed beagle/dachshund that looks like a small beagle with a more pointed nose.

We've adopted her, and she awaits Christmas at a foster home.

In the meantime, the baby said on Tuesday, "Can I send another letter to Santa? I want to ask him for a puppy."

Of course, the answer was "yes" and here's what she wrote:

Dear Santa,

Could you please bring me a puppy for Christmas? I would take good care of it. I don't care if I don't get anything else.


P.S. I would like a beagle.

This is going to be an amazing Christmas.

12-16-2004, 08:59 AM
Ken, I sure would like to sit quietly in the corner of your living room on Christmas morning. You're gonna have fun.

12-16-2004, 09:15 AM
Meaningless and vapid? We're doing some renovations to the house: my wife said she'd give me the kitchen sink (and cabinets, and counters, and...) if I'd give her a new bathroom.

The radiant-floor heat went in on Saturday, I tiled over it on Sunday, and a new shower and sink go in today. It will take some doing to get all the finishing touches (new wainscoting, paint etc.) done by Christmas, but I'm working on it!

Oh, and my daughter? she's got the house bug too - except hers is a dollhouse. She asked for no birthday presents from anyone last October, so that we could all go in on a good dollhouse for her for Christmas. It looks lovely, though she doesn't yet know it.