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Wild Dingo
09-12-2003, 07:40 AM
I was out and about this arvo and came across the start of the Variety Club Bash...


I raced home grabbed the flamin camera and drove like a demented banshie back to Pinjarra in the hope of catchin them before they left... these were the last of them! :mad:


Actually there were over 50 of these maniac vehicles participating in the "Bash" this year vehicles have to be at least 30 years old and they raise funds for the kids hospital here... Ive been tryin to cadge a ride on one of these things for about 10 years now!!! No luck yet! :rolleyes: ...A hell of a hoot bashin through the bush in these old girls towns stations farms are all fair game...


They get right into the spirit of the event with not only the cars done up but also everyone involved has to be! theres make believe "bashin cops" pulling them over and chargin them with horrendous fines such as $1000 for the most smelly car past so far {yep been known to get all cars with that one!} not grinning stupidly enough will get you a $500 fine not bein able to say the name of their vehicle and drivers in one breathe without stopping while standing on their noggins gets a measly $200! best and most used ruse to fine the drivers is a $1500 fine for "what drink do I like most?" get it wrong and yer fined! of course your gonna get it wrong arnt you cause even if you get it right you get it wrong! They make up the fines as they go...


apparently though it can work in reverse Ive heard tell that if the bashin cops cant think of a fine within a minute after pullin yer up YOU can fine them! $500 each time!... Raise a heck of a lot of money travel over 3/4 the state and have a ball... still one day I reckon...

I was tryin to get the Big Bananas car since I know the buggars driving it from up home and wanted to have a yarn... keep em talking over their time and hey they got a fine!!! HA! ahhh well Im thinkin of heading out to Boddington tomorrow to track them down


As I said from now on Im not leaving the house without me cameras!!! Sorry theres so few... theres Wheres Wally up there Lifesavers {the lollies} Big Bananas Bananas in PJs the Mad Cows the Three Tubby Ladies Blondes A Bomb Pommys on RR {old Rolls Royce!} BoobsnBunns and a whole mess of totally insane vehicles and people! :D Actually from the one fella I had a quick yarn with this arvo theres more sheilas in this year than ever before... good on em!!!

Okay I will try to get more better photos tomorrow! hopefully I wont have to travel too flamin far into the scrub to find the mad buggars!

09-12-2003, 07:51 AM

Russell Sova
09-12-2003, 07:54 AM
Could you buy an old beater just for the event? Looks like something fun to do.

09-12-2003, 08:02 AM
This one would fit right in.


09-12-2003, 08:12 AM
Nice pix Shane, thanks. And while I have your ear could you clarify something for me? My Kiwi friends refer to Brits as Pommies or POMs, being an acronym for Prisoner of Her Majesty. Wouldn't this more realistically apply to you lot? Or is there some sly double entendre there that I'm too dim to follow?

I understand it's all in healthy fun, just as I've had Kiwi's refer to Oz as the West Island of New Zealand to me within earshot of an Aussie just to get her dander up.

I just want to be sure for future reference who's insulting who with this pommie thing?


09-12-2003, 08:22 AM
Originally posted by Memphis Mike:
This one would fit right in.

http://www.roadtripamerica.com/wm.jpgThe "Super,duper weenie-mobile"?

Dave R
09-12-2003, 08:37 AM
Years ago I remember seeing one of the old Weinermobiles sitting in a yard with a bunch of other old cars and trucks right across Highway 12 from the munitions plant near Sauk City, WI. That thing sat there for a long time. I guess someone bought it.

Then there was this guy:
He stopped at the photography store I work at and managed to get a bunch of free junk cameras from us. He should have been there when we threw away all the Argus C3s (about 100 of them).

Shane, if you had that van you wouldn't have to speed home to get your camera. :D

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Wild Dingo
09-12-2003, 12:47 PM
A flamin camera car?? sheesh yous fellas do go weird dontcha!!! I saw a pic of a grass car once some mad buggar had covered his volkswagon punch buggy in sod and grew grass all over it! mowin would have been a real mongrel with all them curves

Buyin the car aint the problem its gatherin the sponsorship before you make the nomination fee once thats in your ass is hanging for the sponsorship! then you gotta find yer crew gather your support mob rein in some rare and often hard to find spares AND then you gotta save like billio to afford the fun!! Usually these cars are taken for years in front gettin a slot is getting to be trickier and tricker Ive got my name down for three different cars one from Marble Bar one from Carnarvon and one from around here... one day someone will give me a hoi!! :cool:

The Variety Club of WA set this up following the lead of what was at one time the Redex Trials... when were the Redex trials? damn back in about 1940 or so I think... anyway although the Redex trials were set up for a different purpose and were a serious race around Aus... this is more for fun and raising money.

As for poms pommies whingin poms and whingin pommie bastards... damned if I know where it comes from been sayin it to every Brit Ive ever met since I was a nipper... thats the British is all... its probably as you say prisoner of her majesty which of course they are its well known theyre prisoners over there thats why they keep escapin and comein downunder all the time!!

So no its appropriate to them fellas :D

Now way back when Moses was a nipper to call a Brit a "pom" or "pommie" or even that typical Aussie salute to the british "whingin pommie bastard" was an insult... sorta like callin an italian a wog or a greek a ding that sorta thing... was a real insult... but then they found their sence of humor after imposing on us for so long and now its a friendly ribbing... oh sure theres always someone that takes it the wrong way sensitive types... but for the most part nowadays its sorta a Aussie Brit thing... Im sure they think they have some insulting names for us Aussies but well their humors different isnt it? half the time we cant understand them fellas so they have a bit of a battle insulting us... they call us all sorts of names we look at them as though theyre speakin double dutch which cause theyre not talking Aussie they are and say with the usual Aussie grin "Yer shout yer whingin pommie" at which time cause they cant understand us too well havin that plumb stuck in their gobs has caused their ears to distort doncha know anyway about this point all hell starts breakin loose fists a flyin roarin and ragin cause of course the pommie didnt buy the flamin round and thats sancrosanct down here... then when they finally find their feet again and front the bar they start to whinge!!! strewth is it any wonder we call em whingin poms?! :rolleyes:

{note here... this does not include any fellow forumites who as we all know are absoflaminlutely brilliant fellas who would buy their shout with instant speed! bein true salts of the sea they know the signs of alcoholic need the gentle listin from port to starboard the gentle nodding of the upper torso the faraway look in the eye... like lookin in the mirror eh Andrew! smilie here if you please Im conserving mine till the end!!}

As for that sheep shaggin lot over there in that land of the long white clod :rolleyes: ... west island of Kiwi indeed!! must admit it flamin feels like it sometimes! gettin to be more hungies happenin every summer... not whingin mind I love me hungies almost but not quite as much as I love me barbies... theres more Kiwis in some mining camps than Aussies... yep theyre just like the poms all tryin to escape and come over to good ol Aussieland :D

But then any nation that teaches its citizens at birth to say sux for 6 is aweflaminsome in my book!! shows their minds are in the right place Great mings thunk alike I say :D

Now Hamericans... theyre known as... nah bedda not would probably cause a riot! :D tongue.gif

Cosmo Lengro
09-12-2003, 01:09 PM

Supposedly comes from the French word for Tomato.

Pomme de tierre (sp)

Freshly arrived British immigrants would be quickly burnt by the strong sunshine in Ozzie land and look as red as a tomato with the sunburn on their fair skins hence pommie.

Eric Sea Frog
09-12-2003, 01:13 PM
Tomate: tomato

Pomme de terre, patate: potato
Pomme: apple
Terre: earth

Cosmo Lengro
09-12-2003, 01:19 PM
Whups I do humbly stand corrected. redface.gif

Eric, was the tomato ever referred to as the Love Apple?

And how would that be written?


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Eric Sea Frog
09-12-2003, 01:31 PM
Pomme d'amour (love apple): tomate.
A scarcely used expression, though.

I tomato NY