View Full Version : which part of the forum do you read mostly?

02-08-2003, 01:12 AM
I posted a question on Mr Bolgers paddle wheel design for his fast stern wheeler and I wondered where to post it that it would most likely to be sceen. ( tried misc.boat related first) this got me to be thinking I spend more time reading the forum than I likely should and I still don't get it all
how or which parts of the forum do you read

Wild Dingo
02-08-2003, 03:09 AM
Jeffrey interesting question

Even though it may seem to many that I spend most of my time here at misc non boat or the bilge or sandpit as its called at times... I infact spend far more time in Designs/Plans and Building... mostly just reading sometimes posting but mostly reading and going through the archives so much info in there its mind boggling!... less time is spent than perhaps should be in the misc boat related and resources areas and even less in people and places although I do read some in these and post at times.

Simply due to my not having or having built a boat yet I tend not to post in those areas that require a specific boat building ability skill or experience... unless I have a specific question related to boatbuilding lofting or plans design question example would be say the question I once asked about the "ghost line" on some of the older designers work or I can relate some learnt information to the post... example would be links to designers that Ive saved to the favorites list or a comparison of the cost of plans.

At other times I will post anywhere just to bring a post that I think is an interesting one back to the attention of others who may have missed it the first time round and be able to offer an answer