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Memphis Mike
03-19-2005, 03:02 PM
I bought it this morning. Its a brand new Gibson ES 335. One of the first ones made at the new Memphis plant in 2000. Ain't it a peach? :D

It has a GREAT tone! :D


:D :D :D


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Joe (SoCal)
03-19-2005, 03:34 PM

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Memphis Mike
03-19-2005, 03:39 PM
This one is a 335 Joe.

Joe (SoCal)
03-19-2005, 03:46 PM
I don't know Guitars at all ;) :D So I will edit. It just looked like a BB King Guitar.

Still a nice looking Guitar to me :D

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George Jung
03-19-2005, 04:01 PM
bee-u-tiful! Any chance of a closeup of the back? I'm curious what the surface treatment looks like, can't make it out on this view.

P.I. Stazzer-Newt
03-19-2005, 04:03 PM
Oh. very very nice.
A thing of beauty and a joy for ever.

If you have the Woodstock DVD. Ten years after.

km gresham
03-19-2005, 04:33 PM
smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

Bruce Taylor
03-19-2005, 04:36 PM
A classic semi...very cool!

Two weeks ago, Maggie surprised me with a new strat. I was loafing around reading, when I heard somebody picking out "Happy Birthday to you" in the next room. :cool: It's just what I needed...my playing was getting stale.

George Jung
03-19-2005, 08:51 PM
Hmm, Bruce... I'd like my wife to surprise me too, in a like manner...

So - were you very 'good' or very 'bad', to deserve such a reward? tongue.gif

Memphis Mike
03-19-2005, 09:58 PM
Thanks folks! It's a real honey. :D

Here's your closeups George.


Memphis Mike
03-19-2005, 10:05 PM

Leon m
03-19-2005, 10:10 PM
She's a real work of art Mike ...wish we could hear you play it. :cool:

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Memphis Mike
03-19-2005, 10:11 PM
Not meaning to toot my own horn here. I'm just tickled to death........ smile.gif

Leon m
03-19-2005, 10:15 PM
Toot all ya wan't ,who wouldn't.

Peter Kalshoven
03-19-2005, 10:18 PM
Mike, that is one beautiful guitar.

You know, I hate you now.

Color me green.

Memphis Mike
03-19-2005, 10:25 PM
Originally posted by Leon m:
She's a real work of art Mike ...wish we could hear you play it. :cool: You will someday Leon. :D

Bruce, congrats on the new Strat. Which one did you get? smile.gif

Mine is the Lone Star with two Texas Specials and a Semore Duncan Humbucker. 96 model.

Memphis Mike
03-19-2005, 10:29 PM
Originally posted by Peter Kalshoven:
Mike, that is one beautiful guitar.

You know, I hate you now.

Color me green.
;) I was wondering when you were going to drop in. :D I hope it's soon. We have some "catching up" to do. smile.gif

Peter Kalshoven
03-19-2005, 10:49 PM
OK, if I buy the ribs, do I get to play the new axe?


Memphis Mike
03-19-2005, 11:01 PM
I'll cook the ribs and you can play the new ax.

Just let me know brother.

Then we'll both jam like a mah..... :D

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03-19-2005, 11:12 PM
One of these days I'm going to drop in on you boys and whip out some Northern Whoopass!

Mike, that looks like a honey of a guitar. Have fun making your new baby!


George Jung
03-19-2005, 11:20 PM
Thanks, MM; gorgeous!

Bruce Taylor
03-20-2005, 08:55 AM
Mike, it's a "standard" strat...three single-coil pickups, a cheesy tremolo and a fun (and surprisingly good) practise amp. I love it...it's not the guitar I'd have picked out for myself (baby blue!), but I love it all the more for that. Sentimental, I guess. I'm having a blast.

Maggie (who usually plays classical) is learning some blues piano, and we've been jamming...the neighbours are in for a bad shock when summer comes and we open the windows on this joint. Property values around here are gonna take a dive. smile.gif

Memphis Mike
03-20-2005, 09:05 AM
Have you ever tried putting some graphite in the slots on the nut? It will help it to stay in tune a little better when you use the wammy bar.

Just run a pencil horizontally over the nut a few times to work it down in there.

Bruce Taylor
03-20-2005, 09:27 AM
Good suggestion...maybe one of these days I'll install a Floyd Rose Speedloader, or something similar. In the meantime--being an all-acoustic sort of guy--I've got plenty of learning to do.

Might even be fun to build one of these...I've never done a solid-body, but playing around with this one has aroused my interest.

You ever consider building?

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Memphis Mike
03-20-2005, 07:18 PM
I've thought about building a Telecaster from a kit Bruce. I didn't do it because I know I'm just going to want the REAL thing also.

Memphis Mike
03-21-2005, 07:00 AM
Hey Chad, I wanted you to see this. What cha think?

03-21-2005, 08:59 AM
RIGHT ON, Memphis.

Those 335's put out FFFFFFFFAAAAT, warm, fully sound don't they???

Nice piece.

03-21-2005, 10:21 AM
Mike, I'm thinking about purchasing a Les Paul. I'm sure you looked at alot of guitars before making your decision. What prompted you to go your present route over others? Style? Tone?

Chadd Hamilton
03-21-2005, 11:14 AM
Mike, that's a great guitar. Funny, just last week I bought a new Gibson SG Angus Young Signature. Talk about screaming! The bridge pickup is just amazing. I changed the factory Britewires to a set of Super Slinky's and it staying in near perfect tune. The only thing I dislike about it is the lame-o Angus Young devil on the headstock. Otherwise, it's a real looker and player. I've always wanted a real SG after owning both Epi and Sekova copies.

I'm running the guitar into a DOD Grunge then into either my Gibson Medalist 4/10 or my Fender Blues Junior. It's quite beefy through both.



Memphis Mike
03-21-2005, 11:36 AM
Originally posted by ccmanuals:
Mike, I'm thinking about purchasing a Les Paul. I'm sure you looked at alot of guitars before making your decision. What prompted you to go your present route over others? Style? Tone?The tone in some of the music I've been playing lately can only be achieved with a guitar like this.

Les Pauls are great but I prefer my Strat over them.

Actually on Satuday, I didn't set out to buy a new guitar, only a set of strings. :rolleyes:

I've been going into this shop for years now and I knew that someday there was going to be one I couldn't live without.

I saw this one on the wall and played it through a vintage Delux Reverb and fell in love.

:cool: Chadd

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03-24-2005, 07:31 AM
Mike, I missed this the first time around (that is the other Chadd with 2 D's above). One sweet looking axe. Two thumbs up.


Memphis Mike
03-24-2005, 07:41 AM
Thanks Chad. Momma sez "no more" for awhile. :eek: :D

Peter Kalshoven
03-24-2005, 10:18 PM
Hide the wimmins and childrenz, and start cooking those ribs. Guess who's coming to Memphis next Tuesday?

Memphis Mike
03-25-2005, 07:05 AM
Great! :D I'm going to email you my new cell number Pete.

Let me know that you get it.

P.I. Stazzer-Newt
03-25-2005, 08:29 AM
I'm thinking about purchasing a Les Paul If you're thinking L.P. you should try a high-end yamaha SG1000 or SG2000 or if you can find one, the SG3000.
Australian Yamaha page (http://www.yamahamusic.com.au/products/p_musical/guitars/electric/page3_solid_bodied/page3_SG.asp)

03-25-2005, 08:40 AM
I've kinda been thinking about looking for a slide guitar. You know one that is set up just for slide and has a real high action.



Peter Kalshoven
03-25-2005, 09:03 AM
I can't afford any more guitars right now, cuz I'm buying a house to put them all in. (I THINK we got 11 of them now, but until I build a guitar wall, who know's for sure?) SWMBO thinks we're buying the house to put the kids in, but what does she know, anyways? :D

Matt J.
03-25-2005, 09:10 AM
I don't know diddly about guitars, but it looks nice to me. Problem is, every time you bastards talk guitars, I start wanting to learn to play again... :rolleyes: Now stop it (not really ;) ).

Del Lansing
03-25-2005, 09:21 PM
What became of the old guitar...

Peter Kalshoven
03-30-2005, 09:17 PM
OK, here's the report on Mike's new guitar.

I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was great, guys, much too good for Mike (kinda like Sue :D )

Thanks again for the ribs and gumbo, Mike.

03-30-2005, 09:28 PM
Nice guitar, now are you ready for some inlay on it? You got really great figure on the maple. I've got a 1966 ES-345 Stereo, in red, had it since high school and they'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands....

Memphis Mike
03-30-2005, 09:33 PM
You're welcome anytime Peter, you know it. I'm feeling a little better tonight. For the record folks, I've been down sick with my annual spring flu, {hot and cold, hot and cold....} I get it every year. :(

On a lighter note Pete, I learned to play some of the Sheryl Crow stuff on the new Gibson tonight. "The Difficult Kind?"

Man, I love this guitar. smile.gif And you ain't gettin it Peter. :D go ahead... hate me :D

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