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09-12-2003, 06:16 PM
The best small film of the last twenty years, but no one has heard of it. I just sent a copy to my brother, assuming the back order comes through.

09-12-2003, 06:47 PM
Close, intimate, without being sweet. I wonder what happened to Randa Haines, the director of this and also 'Children of a Lesser God'.

In any case, a beautiful film. It feels like real people.

I just watched a documentary on the making of 'The Shining'. A statement I remember Nicholson saying about his coaching from Kubrick, they were arguing about 'realism': Kubrick said that extra-realism is more interesting.

Not to argue with Kubrick, but I find this film, 'Wrestling' captures something most real, and very engaging. I love all the characters.

Great film. If you haven't seen it, do.

Robert Duvall should have gotten a nod from the Academy, at least a nomination. Maybe he did, but I doubt it. Harris too. Very good stuff.

It's one of the very few films I can watch over and over again.

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