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11-24-2004, 08:54 AM
I bid on a kerosene heater, won the auction, then found this woman won't ship! So I emailed her saying I had to withdraw cause I wasn't about to drive to Knoxville Tennessee to pick up a 10-pound heater. She threatened to give me negative feedback unless I sent her $5, so I did, but I'm tempted to give her negative feedback for free. My bad I suppose for not checking first.

Unless the item is unique or too big to ship, one assumes it will be shipped, right? Otherwise why are these people advertising on eBay instead of in the local paper?

The lesson here is to check the s/h before bidding. Lots of people are trying to make an axtra buck there. Either they won't ship or they charge too much for it. I ended up paying someone else $35 to box and ship the same heater from about the same distance, and I know full well they're making at least $10 on this.

Negative feedback is a big deal to some people. I don't like getting it. The etiquette is to notify the other party before doing it. Or wait to see what they gave you. This guy I bought my bike from gave me negative feedback 2 days before I gave him $1800 in cash. If I'd noticed he did that I would have called off the deal.

11-24-2004, 09:13 AM
"The lesson here is to check the s/h before bidding."

You answered your own question.

As for etiquette on E bay that goes both ways.
The buyer who bids without understanding the terms [shipping charges and others], and who wins the bid then refuses to accept the terms has wasted time and money for the seller and the time of other bidders.