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01-06-2005, 08:11 PM
For those that may remember and if you don't I will update anyway.

A while back you may have heard about the bodies found in Noble, GA. Ray Brent Marsh, who ran the crematory, had started dumping the bodies on his property instead of cremating them. I think the final count was 334 bodies.

Marsh was charged with abuse of a corpse, burial service fraud and making false statements. He pleaded guilty to these charges and was sentenced to 75 years (12 years hard time and the rest on probation). This was in Georgia and he still has to go to Bradly County TN to face similar charges. With a plea agreement worked out between the defense attorny and the two states Brent Marsh will serve no more than 12 years with a lengthy probation.

Today Ray Brent Marsh "turned" himself in today to start serving his sentance early. I guess he was sent to jail just right after the trial while awaiting his trial in TN.