View Full Version : God Bless Texas

Cuyahoga Chuck
08-28-2005, 11:26 AM
A Texan has proven that all the venom I have poured on that state was an error of grave consequence. Mea culpa.
This Texan, who lives close to The President, stood before the PBS cameras an spoke eloquently about what was wrong with our military policy in Iraq.
His name is Perry Jeffries and he knows whereof he speaks. He spent his last years before retirement in Iraq as a First Sargent. He seems steeped in the ways that a successful military operates. His speech is laced with military argot. Metrics. Objectives. Mission. And even tho' he was for our intervention in Iraq, he says it is all going sour.
He doesn't like the fact that his troops faced death from the time they awoke to the time they retired. It didn't matter if they were doing combat patrols or rebuilding a school. The most mundane soldierly duties could get them killed.
And for what? the objectives were amorphous. They changed from month to month.
And the harshest criticism was aimed at Donald Rumsfeld. Sgt.Jeffries noted the Secretary came from the world of business where activities are charted at every step. The military calls this "metrics". The First Sargent feels that Rumsfeld has taken metrics off the table. If the measurements say we are going nowhere then avoid the measurements.
Sgt. Jeffries was plain spoken but eloquent. I wish he could have been seen on a network that was more widely viewed.