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12-11-2002, 09:09 PM
by David Martin (Ludwig Destinyi, a Spanish Civil War vet and refugee migrant to Australia in 1948)

Stuffed with pudding to his gizzard
Uncle James lets out a snore,
Auntie Flo sprawls like a lizzard
On the back verandah floor.

Grandpa Aub sits with a flaggon
On the woodheap 'neath the gums,
And he thinks hes seen a dragon
Where the pigs are munching plums

Cousin Val and Cousin Harry,
Cousin May and Cousin Fred,
Play the goat with Dulce and Larry
By the creek below the shed.

In the scrub the cows are drowsing,
Dogs are dreaming in the shade,
Fat and white, the mare is browsing,
Cropping softly, blade by blade.

It is hot. Mosquitos whirring.
Uncle James rubs his knee:
"Flo" he whispers, "are you stirring?
Its near time to get the tea".

Let's hope we all can have a peaceful and safe christmas or holiday season as you prefer, and return refreshed and enthusiastic in the New Year.
I'll be thinking of you while on the beach on xmas day!
From Jeff and Anne Cole.

(Here's a bit more Bush Poetry.)




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Memphis Mike
12-11-2002, 10:27 PM
Thanks Sku!

12-11-2002, 10:36 PM
I could be sitting on the beach on Christmas day too...... In a goose down parka, and insulated pants.....and mittens....with 2 layers of sox..... and thermal boots.... and a ski hat.... and a thermos of hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps.....

Wild Dingo
12-11-2002, 10:46 PM
aye Chrissy time... bah humbug??? sure for you frozen buggars up there!! HA!! but for us downunderites its the most bonzer time to be had!!!

yep sittin on the beach in 38 degree heat thats somewhat over 100f I guess esky by the side full of cool ones barbie gettin stoked by that silly chap in the red cap... bikini clad buxom babes cruisin by {sigh yeah yeah so I'll be suckin in the belly then major sigh when theyre gone} blue waters and sun... aaahhhh chrissy time downunder oh what fun!!! :D :cool:

Take it easy and have a good one... no matter how cold you fellas get remember were warm as toast down here!! :D ...shorts and singlet maybe and definantly at the beach!!

Shane Jo and hoons

ken mcclure
12-13-2002, 07:46 PM
And right back atcha...


Nicholas Carey
12-13-2002, 08:19 PM
Aussie BBQ

When the Summer sun is shining
On Australia's happy land
When countless spires of smoke inspires
Many a solemn band
You'll see Australians watching their lunch
Go up in flames
By the smoke and smell, you can plainly tell
It's barby time again

Oh when the steaks are burning fiercely
And the smoke gets in your eyes
When the sausages taste like fried toothpaste
and your driven mad with flies
Its a national institution, its the Aussie thing to do
So come along mate, and grab your plate
Lets have a barbeque

Oh the Scotsman loves his haggis
The French eat snails and frogs
The Greeks go crackers over their mousaka's
And the Yanks all love hotdogs
The Welsh just love to have a leek
The Irish love their stew
But you just can't beat, the half cooked meat
At an Aussie Barbeque!


Oh there's flies stuck to the margarine
The bread has gone rock hard
The kids are fighting, the mozzies are biting
Who forgot the Aerogard!
There's bull ants in the esky
And the beer is running out
And what we saw in Mum's coleslaw
We just can't think about!


Oh and when the day is over
And your homeward way you wend
With a tongue that's grottier than the family potty
Many lonely hours you'll spend
You will find yourself reflecting
As many often do
Come rain or shine, its the very last time
you'll have a Barbeque!