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11-22-2002, 06:37 AM
I beleive this topic has been discussed before, but I'm going to start it again.

Why do we choose wood as our material of choice for our boats?

Let me hear each of your responses.

I choice wood because I wanted to build a boat and wood was about the only thing I was even remotely qualified to work with. Its availabilty and workability make it a natural. As I've worked more and more with wooden boats (we will group plywood in with wood) they seem to actually come alive and are no longer just a boat, but an extension of yourself.


11-22-2002, 08:15 AM
Why do we choose wood as our material of choice for our boats?, you ask.

Um, I'm having trouble relating this subject to homosexuality, christmas, or trolls. You trying to start a fight or something?

--N ;) R M

11-22-2002, 08:25 AM
Wood is the only known material that does not fatigue.

Scott Rosen
11-22-2002, 08:33 AM
'cuz I love it.

Joe (SoCal)
11-22-2002, 08:36 AM
Dhuh It Floats :confused: :confused:

11-22-2002, 08:40 AM
Because if building boats from rocks was feasible, it would have happened centuries ago.

11-22-2002, 08:41 AM
It smells good, it feels good, it looks good, it rides better ...

EVERYONE wants to know about it/see it, etc. even if they, themselves, have a plastic boat.

It's great conversation starter ... everytime someone asks me about my boat, they always end up with something like: "My dad/grandfather used to have a boat just like that ... I loved it ... I wish we still had it ..."

I am yet to hear anyone at the yacht club tell how their dad/grandfather use to have a Bayliner, Sea Ray, Carver, Crownline ... (well, you get the picture) The ROMANCE! That's what I love.


Jim H
11-22-2002, 10:09 AM
Because I grew up around wooden skiffs & garveys as a kid.

Tar Devil
11-22-2002, 11:43 AM
'Cause somebody needed somewhere to put all that CPES.



Rich VanValkenburg
11-22-2002, 12:06 PM
It smells better than steel or plastic/glass; I can't weld; and if swmbo can break so many glasses in the water in the kitchen sink, then she'd probably do the same with a boat of that type.


Ken Hall
11-22-2002, 12:16 PM
It rides better, it's prettier, it smells better, it ties you to thousands and thousands of years of history recorded and unrecorded.

Garrett Lowell
11-22-2002, 12:45 PM
I like wood because it is alive, and worthy of my respect and time. If only my skills were worthy of the wood.

11-22-2002, 01:04 PM
Because its there..and besides you can't eat the stuff, so...and I want to clear my land and plant
corn and because I'm tired of raking leaves and because they stopped producing syrup and ...

Sam F
11-22-2002, 01:17 PM
Someone once said that metalworking is an assault on the senses. How true!
Woodworking is just much more pleasant.
Working with that "other" material is goopy stinky and usually is only suitable for production line methods.

Norm Harris
11-22-2002, 02:28 PM
In the interest of species diversity we must continue to build with wood. How else are the Barnacles, teredo worms or dry rot fungus going to survive? :D

Ian McColgin
11-22-2002, 02:35 PM
The romance and moral superiority of wooden boats is well established but my real reason for wood it what it's the most affordable way to get and keep a boat.

And wooden boats bring people together. Where else would people like Stan and me find unifying values that transcend the differences that derive from his being a Texan . . .

Wild Wassa
11-22-2002, 03:08 PM
Who plays a plastic violin ?

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11-22-2002, 03:38 PM
Because wooden boats feel "alive" and plastic ones don't.


capt jake
11-22-2002, 03:48 PM
Because working it is within the abilities of most people. It looks good, smells good, and most of all, when your done you can say, "I made it!"

I love woodworking, SWMBO hates the dust. :D

11-22-2002, 03:53 PM
Because ya can't duplicate this in plastic:


Chris Coose
11-22-2002, 04:10 PM
I like the cutting and shaping tools that are used for wood better than what you have to use on the other materials.
Wood takes cutting and shaping better than the rest.
I'm glad wood isn't used for making cars. SUV guys would insist on the best stuff with impunity.

11-22-2002, 04:14 PM
Are you trying to tell me there are other materials you can build a boat with???

ken mcclure
11-22-2002, 04:30 PM
How dare you bring a boat-related topic into this section !!!!!!

Wood because it's wood. viaduct. vy not a goose.

Ross Faneuf
11-23-2002, 12:44 AM
Because my Dad did wood.

Ian G Wright
11-23-2002, 04:07 AM
Because I was trained in some of the metal bashing trades I can see the problems that steel boats suffer from.
Wooden boats however were a mystery to me, except that I knew that wood was the original and best.


gunnar I am
11-23-2002, 04:51 AM
Because when we were little, we built our little boats with scraps we found under our father's work bench. The pieces , for the most part could be nailed together and maybe one would need to have a vee shape cut to make a bow. And we liked the smells down there. Aromas lingering, linseed and turps, pine. And when there was a spring rain we could take our craft out to the roadside, and run along side it as it bobbed its way down the rushing brooklet only to retrieve it and start again.It would be years before we were strong enough and skilled enough to sharpen and push a plane, but oh, oh the satisfaction we would derive from that sound ,that revelation of what lay beneath, that smell...

Mr. Know It All
11-23-2002, 07:20 AM
I think it was Wayne from Athens, Ohio who said it best awhile back.........."Wooden boats, being crafted from the product of God's gift of living trees, have a soul.Other boats don't.I think it takes a special person to appreciate the difference".
Kevin in Ohio

jack grebe
11-23-2002, 09:37 AM
If you really need to ask........
you would'nt understand

11-23-2002, 09:44 AM
Not to get off the thread but... Lori Anderson plays a plastic violin. It's a EV-5 fitted with a tapehead recorder... The bow has prerecorded tape instead of hair... Made by Tucker Barret in VT. They're really very cool. I think the guy from ELO uses a standard EV-5.
But I bet they don't float so good....

11-23-2002, 11:02 AM
Back back! Back I say.


B. Darrah Thomas
11-23-2002, 12:03 PM
Grew up as a woodworker... boats are the ultimate wood project (IMHO)

Wild Wassa
11-23-2002, 12:23 PM
Originally posted by Mrleft8:
Not to get off the thread but... Lori Anderson plays a plastic violin. ..
Mrleft8: :D . You weren't meant to answer. It was a Zen thing.


ps, Does Lori Anderson also play fencing wire ? This is a Zen rigging issue.

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11-23-2002, 12:41 PM
'cause GOD didn't plant fiberglass trees......

Wild Wassa
11-23-2002, 12:47 PM
God did plant epoxy. Is a baked epoxy composite dinghy ..... wood ?, ;) .


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11-23-2002, 06:56 PM
Sod off ya nosey bugger! Aint none of yur bidness why!

11-23-2002, 09:30 PM
Fencing wire?..... I dunno.....I'll pay more attention next time I see her....

11-24-2002, 07:52 PM
A wooden boat when left alone will eventually self-destruct and revert back its primary elements (though not entirely). They live and die, and there is purity in that. Fiberglass boats never leave, even when no one wants them around anymore. A wood boat exists because someone has given of themselves time and effort for their support. Without which they are gone. Knowing that they are created from life (trees) they seem to have a life.

11-24-2002, 08:04 PM
This has got to be the dumbest thread Ive heard here yet. Its like saying why take a crap?

Peter Malcolm Jardine
11-24-2002, 08:07 PM
Now Bill, talk to me about your father... did you like him?

Joe (SoCal)
11-25-2002, 07:03 AM
Na Pete I think is has more to do with his MOMMA tongue.gif

11-25-2002, 07:25 AM
A lot of good points here about wood. I think a major point is that it comes from a living tree and thus reverts back to dust in the end. This makes a wooden boat more of a living thing and all more to the point it has a soul.

Maybe this soul comes from the tree itself or maybe the builder imprints a little of his soul on the boat. Wooden boats have a character and a personality and take on a little of what the builder's personality. Maybe that is why my boats are a little crooked and a little cranky. ;)


11-25-2002, 03:58 PM
I dont know what all this Bill crap is.

gunnar I am
11-25-2002, 04:40 PM
Bill! Whuddya call a lap ride in Holland?

06-29-2005, 05:36 PM
'CAUSE...it floats MAN!...reason enough. :D

Joe (SoCal)
06-29-2005, 05:39 PM
Ironmule gesus give it a rest already :rolleyes: You are as bad as MJC the last few days .

06-29-2005, 05:46 PM
Forget about it Joe, it's chinatown

Leon m
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Welcome back Dutch (I CALLED IT FIRST !).

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Originally posted by Leon m:
Welcome back Dutch (I CALLED IT FIRST !).Earth to Leon, come in Leon!

That Dutch post is from 2002! LOL :D

Leon m
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I was refering to ChunkyLover53...over...in your face ...out tongue.gif :D

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