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08-27-2000, 09:18 PM
Here's a question I'm sure a lot of experienced builders will get a laugh from: Does the inner and outer stem on the Shellback Dinghy use the same molding jig. I'm 99% sure, but neither the plans nor book seems to make this clear. Oh, I can hear the laughter now...I almost hate to post this.

Don Bailey
08-27-2000, 09:34 PM
Answer is yes. I am building the Pooduck skiff the 12' 10" sister to the Shellback.
This is what you do. Make your wood/epoxy stack per the plans and separate the inner and outer section of the stem with sheet plastic during the clamping process. After the curing is complete remove from the mold. The two pieces will come apart and fit back together again when it is time to attach the outer stem.
Hope this helps and good luck with your project,
Don Bailey

08-27-2000, 09:38 PM
An honest question should never cause chagrin.

Don Bailey
08-28-2000, 11:03 AM
Check step 12 of the Shellback book. It helps to explain. Must have read that book 3 times last winter before starting the Pooduck.
If I can be of any help, just post a question.
Don Bailey

01-21-2002, 09:15 AM
I'm in the early stages of building a Shellback and am confused about the outer stem. I've scoured the plans and Eric Dow's book and can't find the details I think I need.

It looks like the inner stem is to be 1-3/4" thick. No problem. But, how thick is the outer stem that's formed over it in step 12 of the book?


01-22-2002, 11:12 AM
I recommend Iain Oughtred's book on lapstrake construction as an additional source of information for these types of questions.

gary porter
01-23-2002, 12:32 PM
Mike, Check the scale on the plans. All the drawings are to scale so you'll see that the outer stem should end up about 1/2". This is not a real critical measurement but should be close. The outer stem just covers the planking and what shows of the inner stem then the half oval rides on top of it. If you look in your book at about step 64 you'll see whats going on. The plans could have been better but the stem sections are shown on the sheet with the molds and forms etc. I think its called the pattern sheet and also on the construction detail sheet. Thats your best reference. Have fun......gary