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06-30-2005, 06:40 AM
always have a down side, you know like paperwork? :rolleyes:

Love being a project manager, but why oh why do I have all this paperwork. I need to be working on my monthly billings, but it just don't seem like fun. I enjoy calling folks and getting things done, but this billing really sux. Got to look at the period cost report and figure out what % is done and than use last month's billing and subtract that amount from the total done and than figure out the current billing. Than I also need to project what major bills will come in in the next couple of weeks and than include that in the billing.

What fun. :rolleyes:


Gary E
06-30-2005, 09:35 AM
Just send out really big invoices, maybe they'l get paid ??

Back in the 70's some Biz grad student decided to run an experiment on invoices and how they get paid, so here is what he did.

He set up a Tire Sales Company and then invoiced all the Mercedes dealers in the surounding area for tires that were never delivered. Since the invoice's were allways for Michilin Tires pretty much all of those invoices were paid. The guy wrote a thesis for his class on that experiment then invited all the dealers to a dinner where the experiment was disclosed, he then returned all the money. Needless to say this was long before computers.