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11-26-2002, 08:25 AM
Well, some might say that's a good thing. I just like to slow it down & enjoy some old-fashioned writing. You can keep all the modern crap.

Victor Hugo "The Toilers of the Sea".

Captain Gertrais-Gaboureau returned to his bottle of ale.
"If that vagabond Zuela should write," continued Clubin aside, "the scoundrel puts his scrawl into the barrel at Magellan, and in four months I have his letter."
"Well, Captain Clubin, do you start to-morrow? Clubin, absorbed in a sort of somnambulism, did not notice the question ; and Captain Gertrais repeated it.
Clubin woke up. " Of course, Captain Gertrais. It is my day. I must start to-morrow morning."
"If it was my case, I shouldn’t, Captain Clubin. The hair of the dog's coat feels damp. For two nights past the sea-birds have been flying wildly round the lantern of the light-house; a bad sign. I have a storm-glass, too, which gives me a warning. The moon is at her second quarter; it is the maximum of humidity. I noticed to-day some pimpernels with their leaves shut, and a field of clover with its stalks all stiff. The worms come out of the ground today; the flies sting; the bees keep close to their hives; the sparrows chatter together. You can hear the sound of bells from far off. I heard to-night the Angelus at St. Lunaire. And then the sun set angry. There will be a good fog tomorrow, mark my words. I don't advise you to put to sea. I dread the fog a good deal more than a hurricane. It's a nasty neighbor, that."

Sam F
11-26-2002, 09:15 AM
And good sailing advice as well as good writing.
A similar view:

"…You can keep all your smart modern writers
Give me William Shakespeare
You can keep all your smart modern painters
I'll take Rembrandt Titian DaVinci and Gainsborough…"

(from 20th Century Man by Ray Davies/The Kinks from Muswell Hillbillies. IMHO one of the most subversive albums ever recorded ;) )