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Jack Heinlen
12-04-2004, 01:44 AM
The most interesting American film I've watched about the lost generation that was my own, set just when I was of the age of the players, is "Jesus' Son".

The protagonist, Jesus' son, is played by Billy Crudup, who has a special screen presence. His main lover, played by Samantha Morton, is also very good.

It's about sex, addiction, naivete, loss, death at an early age, drugs, love, alienation, love, drugs, fear, alienation, did I mention naivete? You get the picture. Oh, and redemption, heavy on the redemption.

It's frightfully true and well written about a certain segment of young people who came of age in the seventies. People I knew. Honest. It's also, largely because of Crudup's performance and narration, quite moving.

He is a 70's Billy Budd, carried along by time, always with most innocent intention, in a world he is in no way capable of understanding, yet somehow loves and trys to do right in. Unlike Billy Budd, he has no moral direction, and is grasped and corrupted by the world, yet never loses his naivete and love, or a certain code.

If you want to know what a fairly large segment of drugged American youth in 1973 was experiencing, watch it. It's allegorical in many ways, and weirdly-well captures something of its title. It hits a nerve. I believe it will, even for those not of the age or of the milieu. Nice music too.

Anyone else seen it?

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12-04-2004, 08:41 AM
Billy Budd, now there's a book to read again. Funny how the 60's and 70's can come back to bite you.