View Full Version : Dave 'doc' Fleming's pieces

Ed Harrow
09-19-2000, 11:55 AM
Anybody been reading these? An interesting look at how things were done. Good reading.

Ian McColgin
09-19-2000, 01:18 PM
Cool post.

Thanks to Ed & Doc.

Art Read
09-19-2000, 01:53 PM
Enjoying it! Mr. Smith might have some competition...

09-19-2000, 02:28 PM
Those tales of his apprenticeship are great. Reminds me of my own youthful experiences in learning the trade around San Francisco Bay during the 1940's and '50's. I 'grew up' with a couple of master craftsmen, one who could do just about anything with wood and the other the same with metal. To watch and learn from them was a rare priviledge. I wonder how much of that goes on nowadays?

Ian Wright
09-19-2000, 05:20 PM
Good stuff eh?
Thank the Lord there are still people like him around, even today, who know how a real boat is built,,,,,,
,,,,,think he ever got an allergic reaction from over exposure to epoxy resin,,,,?

09-19-2000, 06:49 PM
Thanks, Ed...

09-20-2000, 08:54 AM
I read a few chapters then had to print out the rest, I'll get some "Old Crow" and finish them this weekend. Thanks for the heads-up.

09-20-2000, 06:45 PM
Sag Horbor?!?!?! aint that where the ufo crashed at years ago and travelled a short distence under water....where some locals witnessed it? huhuhmm I forgot " we never saw a thing" right?

09-21-2000, 08:13 AM
There really was some good in the Good-Old-Days. Fascinating reading. Makes me look back at the "career" decisions I've made and wonder, if only....
We push kids to go to college, get the degrees. For what? Some ought to go I suppose. Many of us and our kids might be better served by an apprenticeship in an honest trade. Too many people look down at dirty hands professions. Too many professionals' hands are dirty in an ethical sense.

11-25-2003, 03:20 PM
Phew! For a minute there, I thought we where going to have to figure out how to glue the old boy back together! ;)