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11-08-2005, 10:08 AM
Finally, the Patriot monkey is off their backs.

Yeah, I know the Pats have injury problems. Still it was nice to win. Undefeated.

Alan D. Hyde
11-08-2005, 10:54 AM
It was good to watch.

And, the Patriots got the benefit of the doubt on two of their touchdowns.

On the first, their offensive line was holding, but was not called for it. And, on Brady's pass to Graham in the third quarter, that could have been challenged successfully, since the replay made it apparent that although Graham DID catch the ball without trapping, he touched it to the ground before he got across the goal line...

It's about time, for the Colts, that they finally beat the Patriots.

And, the injuries that weakened the Patriots are part of the game. I was happy to see Manning do a little running. In the second half of a Superbowl--- if they make it there--- that quarterback slide he took should be a continued run: he could have picked up at least another five yards, maybe more. But doubtless the risk of injury at this point in the season would have made such an effort last night unwise.


11-09-2005, 09:16 AM
Another one of those great TN players making his mark.

The only reason that the Colts are undefeated is because they have meet up with the Falcons yet. :D

Even though the Falcons beat them in pre-season. Maybe we will meet up in the playoffs.

Next week my Birds get to take on Green Bay and than the schedule gets tough with 2 games agaisn't Tampa and 2 agaisn't Carolina. Oh yeah, we squeze a game agaisn't the Lions. You ready Jeff?


Alan D. Hyde
11-10-2005, 11:22 AM
Peyton is NFL "Player of the Week."



11-10-2005, 11:55 AM
Originally posted by cs:
Next week my Birds get to take on Green Bay and than the schedule gets tough...Remember when playing GB would have been considered a tough part of the schedule?... ahh, well, just not our year, I guess.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Colts going all the way this season. They've had the potential for a number of years.

11-10-2005, 12:24 PM
Believe me, I never count out the Packers as long as Brett is the QB. Did you know that he once belonged to the Falcons but we choose Jeff George instead?


Alan D. Hyde
11-10-2005, 12:55 PM
When Jeff George played here in high school, and they did the late-summer double-practices, his mother would come by in a big shiny Cadillac at lunch-time, and, while the rest of the team sweated, sat on the bleachers, and ate their sandwiches, he'd sit in the air-conditioned car with Mom and enjoy his private hamper of food...

This way of doing things didn't exactly enhance his popularity with much of the team.

Some days, it's a good thing if your offensive line LIKES you... :D


11-10-2005, 02:28 PM
Yeah, I remember Favre got booted from Atlanta for some spectacularly bad playing when he did manage to get on the field, and a lot of general screwing off and partying off the field. I think he needed a Mike Holmgren type to crack the whip on him.

Jeff George was the starter back then?... I thought it was another guy, I can't remember his name, but thought it was a BillyBob something-or-other, a southern sort of name... could very well be wrong...

11-10-2005, 02:31 PM
Billy Joe Tolliver may have been the starter, can't hardly remember. I think though Favre was traded away because Jeff George was waiting in the wings.