View Full Version : President Clintons recent surgery

09-08-2004, 11:18 AM
Have you heard the surgeons report after former Pres. Clintons recent bypass operation? The good doctor said Mr. Clinton thought his chest pains were due to "DECONDITIONING".

What a word! I guess when you are discussing a former President of the United States it would be bad form to say "He's a FAT ASS who had one to many Krispy Kremes."

From now on I am permanantly deconditioned.

km gresham
09-08-2004, 11:21 AM

High C
09-08-2004, 01:11 PM
:D They were trying hard not to use the term "couch potatoe". (spelled to amuse)

09-09-2004, 07:11 AM
personally...I think they performed the surgery about a foot too high.......

km gresham
09-09-2004, 07:46 AM
Amused, High C :D

Paladin, you wouldn't want them to interfere with his um - dating capabilities, would you? ;) He's married to hillary, how much fun can that be?! :eek:

km gresham
09-09-2004, 08:28 AM

:D :D

09-09-2004, 08:40 AM
Bill makes a good morality story for frightening junk food fans.

09-09-2004, 09:25 AM
apparently being married to Hillary dunno make no nevermind.......but if'n I wuz married to that I dun figger my get up and go would probably get up and went........

Peter Malcolm Jardine
09-09-2004, 10:31 PM
He's married to hillary, how much fun can that be?!
How much fun would it be being married to you?