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09-27-2004, 12:26 PM
Winds of Change is a blog that covers a couple of topics by providing summaries and links to other blogs or web-published material. One of their twice-a-week things is a "news from Iraq", and another is the weekly "good news from Iraq".


Good news from Iraq
Arthur Chrenkoff

Update: Also available from Chrenkoff and the "Opinion Journal", appropriately titled "Post-Totalitarian Stress Disorder." For the original post about the Post-Totalitarian Stress Disorder click here. As always, thanks to James Taranto and Joe Katzman for their support and to all others who spread the news. And if you have any stories for future editions of good news from Iraq, please email goodnewsiraq ?at? windsofchange ?dot? net.

The past two weeks continued to be tumultuous in Iraq. More hostages taken, more hostages beheaded, more suicide bombings, more sabotage, more fighting, all unfolding against the background of an increasingly bitter Presidential election campaign and a chorus of intelligence experts, politicians and pundits expressing grave doubts about the future of the country.

And then there was the media coverage. In the midst of all the carnage and chaos overflowing the front pages of our newspapers and the TV screens, "Newsweek" chose to run an overview of the current situation in Iraq, titled appropriately "It's Worse Than You Think". Having for quite some time closely followed the mainstream media's reporting from Iraq, it struck me that this is hardly possible.

In the same week that "Newsweek" published its panic attack, the editorial board of a less worldly "Kansas City Star" met up with a group of five Iraqi journalists visiting the United States

There are two Iraqs at the moment; both equally real and consequential. The Iraq of never ending strife - the insurgency, terrorism, crime, and all too slow pace of reconstruction makes for interesting news stories and exciting footage. The Iraq of steady recovery, returning normalcy and a dash of hope rarely does.


Iraq Report: September 27/04
Andrew Olmsted

Welcome! Our goal at Winds of Change.NET is to give you one power-packed briefing of insights, news and trends from Iraq that leaves you stimulated, informed, and occasionally amused every Monday & Thursday. This briefing is brought to you by Joel Gaines of No Pundit Intended and Andrew Olmsted of Andrew Olmsted dot com.

Terrorists detonated a pair of car bombs in Baghdad on Sunday, wounding U.S. and Iraqi forces. Total casualties were not yet known.
Colin Powell confirmed that the U.S. will move into parts of Iraq currently controlled by terrorists and insurgents to attempt to clean them up prior to the January elections. If nothing else, this should guarantee that they're ready for us.

Other Topics Today Include: the new focus of terrorist operations; new technology heads to Iraq; al-Sistani threatens January elections; will January elections be nationwide; ROKs hit Iraq; Pakistan takes a stand against Iraq war; the Screaming Eagles prepare to return to Iraq.

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