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km gresham
03-21-2004, 08:56 AM
How much of what you worried about last year happened?
How much of what you worried about in the last 10 years happened?

I've found that the things that happen are never the ones I picked to worry over so it is counterproductive to worry.

Bruce Taylor
03-21-2004, 09:21 AM
In a study at the University of Pennsylvania a few years ago, Martin Seligman found that pessimists are right more often than optimists.

Optimists, however, were happier, and better at overcoming problems.

In short: pessimists can't solve problems, but optimists can't perceive them.

We need both kinds of people.

Memphis Mike
03-21-2004, 09:42 AM
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...
Courage to change the things I can....
And the WISDOM to know the difference

Wild Dingo
03-21-2004, 09:53 AM
Worry? Why worry?

I mean what will happen will happen... we can to some extent affect that by our actions and attitudes but regardless sometimes things just happen... AND!!!... sometimes even good stuff happens! :D :cool:

But such is the human condition that we all worry... no matter how hard we try not to we all do... its what you do with that worry and how that affects your attitude that matters.

Now did the things I worried about happen? mmmm yep some of them did... and some didnt sorta evened out for me! ;) so now Ive got me a new bunch of worries but I dont worry about them... not much anyways... well not today at least... I mean not right now for instance an hour ago I might have and at lunch time I could have... but right now? nah why worry?!! :D

Be happy! :cool:

03-21-2004, 10:31 AM
I worried my mother would stay married to the dimwit she married when I was 12. And she has.

I worried that we'd get another republican president in office and he'd turn the surplus into a giant deficit. And he has.

I worried that the rural area I lived in in WA would be overrun with strip malls and subdivisions. And it was.

I worried that all the "wag the dog" talk from the republicans four years ago was undermining the effectiveness of the president. And because of that Al Qaeda was able to take over airplanes. (Weak link, but there none the less.)

I worried (while standing on the flight deck of a USN AOR, steaming out the Straits of Hormuz, listening to Voice of America on short wave report on the Kurds and Marsh Arabs being masacared after Desert Storm) that when Saddam was gone, the people of Iraq would be unwilling to trust us and work with us. And now they largely aren't willing, especially in the south.

I worried that corporate media consolidation would lead to lack of diversity in editorial stance, not simply as an issue of right v. left, but in that all news sources would be saying the same thing, leaving many important stories unreported.... You guessed it.

I worried that Shrubs interest in Iraq was a vendetta and a grab for oil, more than any real worries about WMD or terrorism. Now the White House has admitted there were no links, and has found no WMD.

Maybe none of your worries come true, Karen, but you being wrong doesn't make me wrong.

Now I worry that Florida voting machines are still riged.
That we'll have no way to cope when the oil spigot gets turned off, but to send more kids to die in the middle east, and that without any other effect.
That global warming is going to make Hurricanes wipe out the southeast US seaboard.
That global warming is going to wipe out large parts of American agriculture with drought, flood, heat, and unexpected cold snaps, all related to global climate change.
I worry that the sudden jump in the rate of CO2 increase signals a former CO2 sink failing to soak up any more of it.
And I worry that "conservatives" are going to keep up their head-in-the-sand act as long as possible, so as to make the situation worse once it gets to the point where even they can's ignore it any longer.


Wild Dingo
03-21-2004, 10:42 AM
mmmm can I add an adendum to me first post?... ah what the heck sure I can!! :D

I worry that our shipmate Dan ala "huisjen" up there worries too much... and look Im right!! tongue.gif :D

Sorry Dan couldnt resist mate! :rolleyes:

03-21-2004, 11:17 AM
I worried once that the forum was too closed in scope and crumudgeonly. Now it's grown and the overall tone has developed naturally into something more receptive to new faces and ideas. I guess this transition has taken six or eight years, I can't really remember.

But the forum seems to attract ranters and campaigners who don't share the initial common interests that keep us all lurking and contributing. The Misc. Non-Boat Related heading gives people some necessary leeway, but it's still the WoodenBoat Forum. If we are arguing as colleagues it's one thing, as total strangers it's another.

I don't regularly use the search button to see what contributions others have made, but if I hit the profile button and get squat, I'm inclined to look a little further.

Two examples of this are Oyster and Jed, whose profiles are generic and who've contributed nothin' but horse pucky. Now I remember the days of Cleek and M-you know, that chick- and I know that sometimes we stray off topic, but are we really open to abuse at the hands of civvies? (Even then, each of those two was an informative contributor)

I think not. Those of us with less than twenty years experience are particularly at risk because we are inclined to say things that offend quite out of earnest and not with malicious intent. But when the patience of the Old Men of the Forum (who may or may not be old) is tried by fools, those of us who need it most are left high and dry.

I'm just calling a spade what it is, and we who've been around know what we have to say can be measured against what we've said before, it's a sort of internal governor against fools and ranters. But if we don't call offenders on it, it doesn't work.


03-21-2004, 11:24 AM
Sometimes I worry about you too, Shane. :D


03-21-2004, 12:08 PM

There are only two things to worry about.
Either you are sick or you are well.
If you are well, there is nothing to worry about.
If you are sick, there are only two things to worry about.
Either you will get well or you will die.
If you get well, there is nothing to worry about.
If you die, there are only two things to worry about.
Either you will go to heaven or to hell.
If you go to heaven, there is nothing to worry about.
If you go to hell, you will be so busy shaking hands with old friends that you will not have time to worry.

On Vacation
03-21-2004, 12:14 PM
Two examples of this are Oyster and Jed, whose profiles are generic and who've contributed nothin' but horse pucky

Thanks for the weekend chuckle for sure. ROFLMAO. I am still learning too, and enjoy reading the kids tell us everything we all need to know. I am really worried that I will not live long enough to learn all I need to know from the 20 year old grad school professors here. :D :D :D :D :D

Leon m
03-21-2004, 12:19 PM
I worried that this war would be a black eye
to United States.

I worried that hundreds of soldiers would be killed.

I worried that I innocent lives would be taken.

I worried that Iraq would become a terrorist

I worried that after a year we wuold still be
occupying Iraq and there would be political

I worried we would not find WOMD.

I worried that global warming would keep
getting worse and no one would care.

I also worried that I might not keep my mouth
shut ,and get myself pulled into political threads
;) :D

Leon m
03-21-2004, 12:25 PM
Originally posted by buhmkin:

Two examples of this are Oyster and Jed, whose profiles are generic and who've contributed nothin' but horse pucky.

.In all fairness to Oyster...He has giving me some
good boat building advice before.

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On Vacation
03-21-2004, 12:40 PM
Thank you Leon. I try to stay on topic when it comes to boats here. Sometimes a pothole will occur, though. smile.gif

03-21-2004, 05:46 PM
Right fellows, I'll eat some crow here. Oyster your response to the epoxy string was pithy. But I had already jumped on you in this string, and I'm sorry. Clearly some added respect's due. But that's not why I have to eat some crow. I can't find the osmosis article in Epoxyworks-which is fully indexed online at the GBI site. So my cite was off and for that I lose the mark with only dignity to gain back by finding the source again for myself.

To boot, well no, nuff said, me and my crow'll be in the sitting room havin' time.

On Vacation
03-21-2004, 06:14 PM
With regards back at you. I clearly asked for clarification in my original reply to you with nothing more or less in the response.

For anyone that did not see the first encounter, for the record, this was my response to the issue of controversy.

Hum, this is the first I have ever heard of this. Very rarely you will ever have a boat running around with bilge water in it up to the waterline. You get blisters all the way in the bottoms. I am not going into this matter, as it would only create a lot of type for what it will serve here. But check on this and get back to us. Blisters in a fiberglass hull is called "hydrolysis". Do a search and learn more about this problem.

I would be very interested in this quote. I am always up to learning more about this and how does bilge water create blisters on the bottom of the boat. I know how blisters come in the bottom of the boat. But not in this manner.
I left it at that. Please respond with another thread and I will be glad reply to you. In the context of the article, I will address it.

Edited to add: I also left an out in my last post in the thread, too.

[ 03-21-2004, 06:17 PM: Message edited by: Oyster ]

Peter Malcolm Jardine
03-21-2004, 06:18 PM
I've found that the things that happen are never the ones I picked to
worry over so it is counterproductive to worry.
I personally never confuse pessimism and worry with concscience. As you have said in
other threads Karen, ( in many different ways) you don't really care about what happens
to the future, in other countries, etc. You're more concerned about what happens to you
and your family. That would be your choice.

I'm afraid I differ with you there, and have devoted a fair amount of my time to concerns
outside my own little world.

km gresham
03-21-2004, 09:37 PM
Well, good. Might surprise you, so have I. Just don't wrap myself in it and assume others don't care or aren't intelligent or informed if I don't see them do the same or hear them talk about it. I assume most everyone cares on some level and likely contributes to the betterment of the world in ways large or small. I'd never assume otherwise.

03-22-2004, 07:20 AM
Occasionally I worry that I don't worry enough.

km gresham
03-22-2004, 07:36 AM
:D You're probably right, Lefty! Try not to worry about it.

Bruce Taylor
03-22-2004, 07:52 AM
When I was young and indestructible I thought my Dad worried too much. He was too fussy about his boat, for one thing...always re-checking the lines, poking the planks, testing the engine. When we were cruising, he'd get up in the middle of the night to make sure the anchor was holding. Of course it always was...always, that is, until the time we really were drifting. On that particular night, his worrying saved the boat -- and I slept soundly through the whole thing.

These days, I'm Dad, and I see things a little differently. My obliviousness on that night was a sign that he had done his job well. My father worried so that the rest of us could sleep soundly.

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km gresham
03-22-2004, 08:01 AM
That's not worrying - that's being responsible smile.gif

Bruce Taylor
03-22-2004, 08:31 AM
Ah, you have your own private definition of the word "worry." To you, it seems to mean "worrying about things that don't worry Karen." Everything else is just "being responsible." That's a bit of an eccentric usage, but it doesn't really change much. Since you admit that you generally choose the wrongs things to worry about, I reckon I'll continue to worry in my own fashion.

That might mean checking the river water to see if it's full of poop; or wondering what's in the milk I feed my kids; or getting up in the middle of the night to make sure the oven is really off. It always is off, of course, but you never know.

[ 03-22-2004, 08:46 AM: Message edited by: Bruce Taylor ]