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Ian McColgin
08-11-2004, 12:33 PM
In the Bush campaign, Rangers have raised $200,000 and Pioneers $100,000. One hundred and seventy three of them, nearly 20% of all Rangers and Pioneers, have cool jobs, including four cabinet secretaries and 29 ambassadors. Most were confirmed by Congress but here we have four recess appointments.

All Presidents reward top fundraisers with plum honorary jobs and all Presidents make recess appointments, sometimes due to the press of events and sometimes specificly to get an appointment past Congress. But even Clinton did not use recess appointments to avoid Congressional scrutiny with such enthusiasm as this administration.

Two of these appointees made their money at the public trough - nothing necessarily wrong with that - and two are trade and energy operators with long experience in Latin America.

I have every confidence that the four can do just what the President wants them to do.

Ranger John Rood was appointed ambassador to the Bahamas. Rood chairs Florida’s Vestcor Companies, developers of low-income housing projects. Florida Gov. Jeb Bush had previously appointed Rood to the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission where he failed to protect endangered species such as the Florida panther and manatee.

Ranger Aldona Wos is the new U.S. ambassador to Estonia. This retired physician co-chaired Bush’s fundraising efforts in North Carolina and hosted Bush at a 2002 fundraiser in support of Senate candidate Elizabeth Dole. Wos’ husband, Louis DeJoy, is the CEO of New Breed Inc., a logistics company with federal contracts to operate U.S. postal equipment service centers. Wos is the Polish born daughter of a Holocaust survivor and Bush had previously appointed her to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council.

Ranger Roger W. Wallace will be the new chairman of the board for the Inter-American Foundation (IAF). This federal agency funds non-governmental and community-based development programs in Latin America and the Caribbean. Wallace is a Texan who headed the International Trade Administration as a deputy undersecretary in the Commerce Department under Bush 41. He is a lobbyist specializing in Latin American trade issues.

2002 Pioneer Jack Vaughn is a new member of the IAF board of directors. Vaughn is vice president of Vaughn Petroleum Inc., a Texas company that develops oil fields. Vaughn previously served on the Energy Department transition team.

I can understand not wanting to run the three men past Congress, but Dr. Wos sounds pretty cool. I’d have thought the Administration would want to show her off a bit by making a regular appointment.

Gresham CA
08-11-2004, 12:44 PM
I don't know Ian. From what you have here it sounds like Rood and Wallace are both well qualified for their posts. The other two look like "Thanks for the help" posts.

Alan D. Hyde
08-11-2004, 01:25 PM
Bush has been too determinedly non-partisan in many cases, and has suffered for it.

His liberal Democrat sent to Africa cost him much negative press. He has been hurt by more than hurt such black sox.

From my point of view, he should have given the State Department a THOROUGH weeding.


I just talked with a Democrat commander who was in Kosovo for quite a while right after the war.

He has NEVER in his entire long and active life seen such appalling waste and squandering as he saw there, by U.N. personnel. French and German officials there lived like demi-gods. And a top guy who reported to Kofi was there in a meeting with this commander, unshocked by it all, seemingly part of the same mindset.