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12-20-2004, 07:32 AM
Hello all!

This is my first posting on this interesting site, but building wooden boats is not new to me. That said, this is the first one I've built in over 40 years! All four of the previous boats were small outboard hydroplanes. I truly enjoyed building them, and especially designing the last two myself (from the old but classic "Yellow Jacket" plans sold by the now defunct 'Mechanics Illustrated' magazine).

The latest boat, again based on the Yellow Jacket, will be a high performance dingy to hang behind our 32 foot cruiser. The length had to be under 9 feet so it wouldn't hang out the sides and get whacked by a piling.

Frankly, I've been like a little kid with this project for weeks now! I bought a 9.8 hp. Merc off E-Bay, and cleared the garage for action. After Xmas (I have to wait since Santa's bringing me a gift certificate from The Home Depot) I will begin! EAch step of the way I'll be photographing for a website, if anyone is interested

Can't wait to get started!


12-20-2004, 09:42 AM
"Fsatjeff"...Geeze! Can't even spell myu own handle corectly. Doh!

Here's what the little boat will look like:

Dink Boat (http://fastjeff.tripod.com/dinkboat.jpg)