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07-20-2001, 02:50 AM
I've got a 37' Egg Harbor that I'm in the process of restoring, but it's unclear whether it should be refastened or not, even after reading a number of posts.

The boat has 1" mahogany on 1"x2" oak frames and appears to have the original silicon bronze screws, 11/2" number 12. When I pop the bungs about half the screws will back out without much trouble and appear to be in fine condition. The other half simply spin, being held by a lip in the planking over the top of the head. When I go to the trouble to dig them out, the screws seem fine.

Since I can't go with longer screws, given the 3/8-1/2" countersink, would #14 be enough to increase holding power without first filling the old holes with dowels, etc? Is it acceptable to simply add more screws bwtween the originals? The bottom planks are about 6" wide with three current fastenings. How about adding some of the bronze nails sold by Jamestown or others?

I really don't want to pull all 2,000+ bungs and screws if it isn't required, I've got enough to do fixing damage in the stern caused by mixed hardware and the original bonding.

For what it's worth, the boat is being repowered with a couple of small diesels and should have an easier life with less strain on all of the hull- cruise speed will only be about 10-11 knots. Thanks for all your help- this forum has been a real blessing!

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Allen Foote
07-20-2001, 08:58 AM
Yes, the #14's should be fine...unless the frame is split and thats why its spinning. If you go up to a #16 the bung holes will be loose for a 1/2" bung. The easiest way to do this job is to pull off the planks 1 by 1 and refasten them back into place with the larger screw. That way you save on "digging out" screws that won't back out. Also it allows you to inspect the fastening side of the frames...which you'll want to do because of the electrolisis action at the garboard/keelson area anyway. You'll need to recaulk the boat but then if your serious about this job, then it'll be out of the water for awhile and need recaulking anyway. http://www.eggHarborOwners.org click on Egg Projects

07-20-2001, 02:41 PM
I see from your profile that you are in Seattle. So am I. I'ld like to take a look at your boat if that's OK. I'll contact you via your e-mail address.