View Full Version : Ted Koppel/Nightline, ABC news on Falluja

12-03-2004, 12:15 AM
anyone watching? I don't have cable so maybe this kind of coverage has been going on but it's worthwhile.

Anne Garels "you know things are bad when being embedded with Marines in Falluja feels safer than being in Bagdad"

At the end he asks a few Marines what they would tell friends if they were back home in a bar about what the first week of combat was like..one Marine says "I'm too young to drink sir".

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Phillip Allen
12-03-2004, 07:41 AM
But not too young to vote or buy $100 Nike shoes...go figure...

Chris Coose
12-03-2004, 07:57 AM
The Brit military considers the 6 mile road from the capital to the airport, the most important bit of road in the country, as unuseable. Too dangerous.

I love them at Fox who smile when they report that it's a grand war. Jerry Falwell alos brings us rave reviews. They ought to fly in and take that road trip from the airport to Baghdad.