View Full Version : Great Baseball Movie

Ian McColgin
04-04-2004, 10:03 AM

Billy Crystal's loving tribute the the season that led Maris to break the Babe's record.

I'm not at all a ball fan and would never have watched this but for Mary Ellen's persistant efforts to broaden my taste. It's great.

Great in the many charactorizations, dominated by the relationship between Maris and Mantle but the reporters, other team members like Whitey Ford, manager, the ever so patrician baseball commissioner, even the Babe's widow with a perfect accent . . .

Really great in the action filming including brilliant FX of a knuckleball and that fameous handoff play between Mantle and Maris in the outfield.

Even if you're not a fan - I'm not and I was in New York that season completely oblivious to anything that did not happen in a boat or on a horse - this is a film to see.

I'll bet several forum members have seen it, Donn is likely, and can reinforce my rave.

Billy Crystal wanted to be a ball player. He's done more for the sport in this film than ever he could have on the diamond.