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09-15-2004, 06:46 AM
It was third down and very long. The ball was on the 40 yard line. The quaterback lines up under center, the ball is snapped and the QB rolls to his left. The ball is handed off to the running back. He swings around the end, makes a cut back toward the center of the field, a hole opens up and cuts back and sprints up field. The crowd goes wild. The running back runs toward the end zone with the speed and grace of Barry Sanders. The crowd is on their feet cheering and screaming (this would be our first TD of the season at home). As the RB approches the end zone, the safety comes from across the field and lays a hit on the RB and the ball comes out. From the crowd's prepective it appears that the tackle happened after the the RB crossed the goal line. There is shouts of joy and tears of pleasure. The cheerleaders take up the chant and get the crowd fired up.

But wait, isn't that the ref signalling touchback? Oh no, the ball was fumbled outside of the end zone and through the end zone where the other team recovered it. The crowd groans and the cheerleaders never releazied what is happened and they continue to celebrate.

Another game another lose, but hey at least we got beat by my old high school.


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