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05-02-2005, 02:47 PM
I came across a windfall at a local lumber yard: a big stack of 3/8x4 redwood, in lengths of 16-20ft, for 30 cents a foot. It was custom milled for concrete setting, according to the clerk, and the deal fell through. The clerk tells me it is air-dried, but they also do not have a hydrometer (I hope that is the correct term for plank moisture).

I had been dithering between doing a CLC skerrie and one of Ian's designs, but what I really wanted to do was a stretched 15' cosine wherry--but I figured the bill is too high to have the strips cut and ripped for me, and I didn't want to mess with scarfing a bunch of 2x4's.

The plans call for western red cedar, but I have seen in the canoe manuals that redwood is acceptable for 1/4" strip-built boats. If this is true, then I have the strips that I need for under $200.


Jay Greer
05-02-2005, 03:33 PM
Bear in mind that redwood is a high acid content wood. Any fastenings used to hold the strips in place during gluing would be best made of monel, or stainless steel. As other metals will corrode at an alarming rate causing dark bleed marks around the fastenings. Additionaly, redwood is quite brittle and, has low shock resitance. Since, I assume, you will be skinning the boat inside and out with either glass, carbon fiber or Dynal fabric set in epoxy, the brittleness of the material should not be of much consequence.

05-02-2005, 04:13 PM
The boat will be covered inside and out with several layers of epoxy/glass.

Todd Bradshaw
05-02-2005, 05:47 PM
I've built several redwood strippers. It is a bit more brittle while doing the stripping job, but works fine. Never had any problems with any kind of bleed from regular steel staples.

I'd wonder a lot more about the grain orientation on 3/8"x4" stock. I doubt it will a huge difference in finished strength, but cut certain directions redwood isn't very pretty when finished bright.

Tom Hoffman
05-03-2005, 11:15 AM
Dave, I am in the process of building the same type of boat, I started about a month ago. I wanted the Cosien Wherry design, only bigger. I ended up building the Glen-L 17' Whitehall, stretched to 20' I ended up having to scarf the first 5 strips on each side as the curve added a few inched to my 20' I found 20 west red cedar at lumber yards reasonable, but you have to sort through and get ones that have 2-3 inches of clear along an edge, and then you have to mill out the strips from there, a little time consuming but it works.

E-Mail me direct and I will send you some pics of progress so far.

Tom.... tomhoffman@starband.net