View Full Version : Project Swamp Witch Update

11-06-2003, 07:01 PM
I finally got some stat's on this boat/motor combo to report.
The motor is a '92 25hp Rude. It's spinning a 3X12X13 with a bunch of cup added.
This is not a seintific mile run or anything.
2 people in the boat. aprox 350lbs combined.
Full tank of fuel 6gal.
I got my Tiny Tach and hooked it up today and we went to the water with GPS in hand.
Idle in N is 700-750
4000rpm is 20.5MPH
tops out on the tach at 5090-5100 is 28.5MPH


11-07-2003, 08:26 PM
New numbers today.
1000 RPM 3.7 MPH
2000 RPM 7 MPH
3000 RPM 14 MPH
4000 RPM 21 MPH
WFO = 5050 27.9 MPH

It will drop off plane at 2700 RPM
These numbers were recorded today with just me in the boat. I weigh 155lbs
I think the boat runs just as good, if not better with a passager.