View Full Version : What will cause whom to blink?

John Smith
01-07-2019, 03:25 PM
From what I heard from an independent senator, there are some 800,000 federal workers not being paid AND as many as 500,000 contractors who won't get paid (Something Trump has a history of)

I had blood taken at LabCorps this morning. They just learned that the IRS cannot process tax refunds

Under normal circumstances, one would think the senate would take up the bills passed by the house, as they've already been based by the senate and simply, assuming they pass the senate again, send them to Trump who can sign or veto them if he wishes. Or ignore them, in which case, I think, they can become law without his signature.

We know Trump doesn't give a damn. I'd like to think SOME in the senate on the GOP side care some, at least those up for re-election in 2020.

Farmers are not getting the government help to offset the tariffs.

Maybe I'm asking if there is anyone on the GOP side who will honestly discuss border security and not insist on a wall across the entire southern border?

Chris Wallace, as many I'm sure have seen, tried to remind Ms. Sanders that the 4000 or so terrorists were stopped at airports, not our southern border.

Is it possible to convince Trump's base of the inefficiency of a wall, the need to take private land to build it, and remind them his promise was Mexico would pay?

Is there anyone in the GOP who will stand up and point out that there is a great deal of 'area' between a solid wall and a totally open border?

Chris Smith porter maine
01-07-2019, 04:30 PM
Farmers are not getting the government help to offset the tariffs.

I'm thinking this will do, plus the fact crop demand reports are not coming out and those are what many farmers use to help them choose what to plant, if Trump loses farm country support he is toast next time around.