View Full Version : Google Earth help

01-07-2019, 01:54 PM
Are there any .kmz/.kml file experts here? I normally donít have very good technology but I recently splurged on a new Ipad pro. It is supposed to have to pretty slick (powerful) insides. When combined with at cheap bluetooth keyboard and a stand, it makes a pretty decent desktop machine. And I can carry it to the couch or other places so I am not sitting at the desk so much.

Iíve downloaded Google Earth, which is pretty close to magic. And Iíve downloaded a .kmz file of a hike through Portugal. Hundreds of waypoints.

What I cannot figure out is how to make Google earth ďflyĒ along the waypoints. That is, Iíd like to set an altitude somewhere above street level and have it give me a tour of the route.

In this effort, it looks like the Ipad Pro is not a desktop replacement. Iím off to Kinkos to see if they have Google Earth installed and if I an manage to create a tour that I can view at home.

Has anyone done something like this? Any input welcome.