View Full Version : Tired of Politcal Wrangling?

David G
01-05-2019, 11:00 AM
Not only is it our patriotic duty, but it's also in our self-interest to halt the damage asap. 'It'll work itself out' is not currently an option. There's too much momentum toward the laissez-faire, dysfunctional, NewFeudalism. And it's not just Trump. He just happens to be the largest, most visible, pustule at the moment. A symptom, not a cause.

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Paul Pless
01-05-2019, 11:18 AM
What Iím really tired of, is the stupid.

David G
01-05-2019, 11:49 AM
What I’m really tired of, is the stupid.

I feel ya. And it's only going to get worse - from Dems, too, as Newton's 3rd has a political analogue - until we reverse things.