View Full Version : AZ is a Red State

Arizona Bay
11-09-2018, 10:23 PM
But it makes the blues and greens stand out :)




11-09-2018, 10:27 PM
Australia is a red country…..blues and greens likewise………...


https://www.google.com/search?q=tanamai+desert+pics&client=safari&channel=mac_bm&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=xKWmxf4lCFCVFM%253A%252CE07HRAdhwfUTnM%252C_&usg=AI4_-kTUtMcl5iRPI9LnERX34H6CHZgmLQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiSqfCy8MjeAhWWZt4KHSqBA44Q9QEwCXoECAQQF g#imgrc=z1NlewyQYMTHfM:

Arizona Bay
11-09-2018, 10:58 PM
And dry air makes it stark.
AZ is a lot like parts of OZ, except for the people :D
I believe the two were connected way back in the time of iron, water and oxygen, and no land plants.

Jimmy W
11-09-2018, 11:21 PM
We even have green water.


Arizona Bay
11-09-2018, 11:34 PM
Cypris swamps and mosquitoes!

I visited my mom and sisters in western NC, last year, it had been 10 years since I was back east. I had forgotten how closed in and green everything is and how much water is around... it's just pouring out of the mountains! :D

Jimmy W
11-09-2018, 11:41 PM
Plenty of mosquitoes at times but most of the Delta isn't closed in.