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John B
01-25-2006, 11:16 PM
has as its centrepiece the skull of a sheep we found in a bay somewhere.His name is peter ( the subject of sheep came up in another thread and I did actually stir my butt into walking outside and photographing it).Basically, we often come across sheep carcases at the bottom of cliffs or ones that have been caught out on small islets by the tide perhaps. When the kids were little I called them peter to minimise the negative impact of the dead thing.

The rest of the pergola is basically bits of driftwood on a bit of spare treated pine. There's the boar jawbone we found in miners cove 4 years ago, some of that sea sponge stuff one picks up, clasps to ones head and wanders up the beach doing a quasimodo impersonation whilst yelling about John Hurt and the Elephant man...You guys do do that,.. right?
Oh.. the oregon plank rumbled and silvered by the sea and sun over goodness knows how long. that was a keeper despite the splinters. Usually there's a few sea shells , Paua( abalone) but she's just had the big trim for the bird netting to go on shortly and the shells etc are , gone. somewhere.

Quite Chapparellesq I think... when I look at it I sometimes think I can hear Blue Boy and Manolito fighting over who gets Victoria when Big John is gone.

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John B
01-25-2006, 11:37 PM
I do have to add that this year we have nothing to add to the complex. There's this dried seahorse we picked up off the beach, a near miss was a puffer fish( but he was just a bit to ripe for me) and penguins. What can I say,... remember the python skit gondala's gondala's.
Change gondala's out with penguins and you'll get my drift. Penguins for africa. I don't think I've seen so many penguins since I saw the trailer for that penguin movie that going to win the Oscars.
You couldn't sail one mile without 10 of those little suckers popping up and spy hopping ya. Wake up in the morning, stagger out on deck and what are you greeted with.. penguin.Rock on up to the foredeck to check the anchor at dusk and whats looking right at you. Penguin.
Thousands of the suckers. Little Blue smelly penguins all over the place.
And the beaches. less than alive penguins karked out all arouind the place.( sorry to say) been a bit stormy and I guess there's a limit to the sea keeping ability of sheep and even penguins.

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01-26-2006, 12:17 AM
The word "karked" does not seem to pop up in my american dictionary.

Does it mean merely dead, or are they smooshed? ;)

John B
01-26-2006, 02:57 AM
they've snuffed it.

01-26-2006, 10:36 AM
And somewhere down on the South Island there's bleachers and spot lights set up so that tourists by the busload can pay to watch the little blue buggers come ashore at dusk! ;) At $10/head I reckon you saved quite a bit of money on this trip!

Wild Dingo
01-26-2006, 11:15 AM
aaahhh now see a fittin end to Peter... havin done his duty to the Kiwi he passed on an now yer imortalizin his life... good on yer Johno! well done son! I mean Im wonderin what yer do with young Peterette when yer finished with her but hey thats for another thread I guess ;)

Now said Peter havin karked it (yes for those of our American cousins who are unable to understand Kiwi or Aussie "karked it" means theyre dead as a dodo magot tucker crow fodder heart pharted gone poof deadmeat... ahem sorry Johno ol mate cant help meself I just gotta help these poor Americans understand our good lingos... anyways mate where were we? OH RIGHT!! Peterette!... How is she? Im guessin yer gonna be busy later consolin her I mean now Peters gone and popped a gizard shes gonna be more lonely than ever an bein the good Kiwi yer are you just wont be able to abide that... no no mate its okay really we know yer got a good heart and stand by that Kiwi rule of "leave no ewe alone an cryin" we know mate we know AND good on yer too!! takes a fine man to give so much for his Peterette it does... and we know how much yer enjoy givin for the Kiwi cause... we know them Americans will never understand the allure of a fine Kiwi peterette since they only get a once a year go at the ground hogs... but still Ive always wondered about them Americans and their fascination with ground hogs I mean them buggars are SMALL!!! mmmm must be somethin in that :D

But mate its a great thing yer do... and I tell yer what mate I reckon you might be bein a tad cheeky eh?... I mean postin that pic of Peters jawbone will get all the other Peterettes in Kiwiland that read the WBF to get all hot an curious and so take to wanderin down to yer place... smart thinkin of yer Johno I reckon yer will score a nice ewe or two outta this!! :cool:

geez I didnt even think of that! See again shows just how smart you Kiwis are! ah well I will leave yer to yer Peter an Peterettes ol son...

But... then again I wonder how the missus copes what with yer and all yer panderin to the sheep population over there... mmmm maybe she an Waione are lonelsome? :D :D :D gawd strewth couldnt help that one mate just slipped out it did!! Sorry bout that! I know yer happily married and shes a bonzer sort your missus... but still???? tongue.gif

John B
01-26-2006, 02:38 PM
could you repeat that, I think I missed something. ;)

Peter is a sheep, but the jawbone is a boars one.. its over on the left thar somewhere. Anyway.. what this is really about is beachcombing and I have to say we've been a bit slack this year. No real artifacts or other interesting stuff been brought back for the garden. The seahorse( totally dried by the sun) a couple of boid skulls ,some rocks.Thats about it.

We're off to the Mahurangi now. Its the annual classics and wooden boat race with beach events etc. 4 days we will stay out .
So ciao fer now

John B
01-27-2006, 05:21 AM
that was a rough sail. 30 knots genuine and a nasty sea. 2 reefs in for us .