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Jim Bow
10-16-2018, 07:31 PM
Dear disabled grandpa and autistic grandson,
Having passed a huge tax cut for our donors, we have recently discovered that it has created a massive debt. These unforseen circumstances have led us to come to rely on you to help your nation. We'll be trimming the Medicare, social security, and Medicaid you have been relying on to survive. Buck up and grab those bootstraps.

Senator Mitch McConnell and the Trumplicans.

10-16-2018, 08:16 PM
McConnell has already appeared on TV blaming the deficit on social programs and mentioning Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in particular. They will not win votes when the attack those programs.

10-16-2018, 08:38 PM
Of course this was the plan all along. Most people don't even realize they may be using the programs. "Get your hands off my medicare!" signs being the first example at anti-ACA rallies...

Add "balanced budget amendment/constitutional convention" and away we go.