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10-01-2018, 01:22 PM
When you are doing any sort of a construction project, it is a good idea to start out by knowing how much of the materials you are using you will end up needing. When it comes to concrete, this can be a confusing process. It involved multiplying the length, width and depth of the areas that need to be filled and then dividing that number by 27 (the number of cubic feet in a cubic yard) and then adding 10% to allow for spillage and slab depth variations. Sound confusing? Well, there is an easier solution. You can use a concrete calculator!

Concrete calculators are easy to use. Just enter the length, width and height of the area that needs to be filled as well as the quantity (how many areas you will need to fill) and the calculator automatically comes back with your results. Not only will it tell you how much concrete you will need, it can tell you how many bags you will need taking into account what size bags you will be buying.

At Frederice, we love to play with technology to offer convenient solutions. We think our concrete calculator provides an easy to use, comprehensive approach to all your concrete construction needs including slabs, walls, columns, tubes, curbs, stairs and more. Good luck getting your project completed as efficiently as possible!

NB--- click on "inches" button to select units:
inches, feet, yards, centimetres, metres.

Concrete Calculator (LINK) (https://concretecalculator.io)

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10-01-2018, 01:26 PM
Great. Thanks!

ron ll
10-01-2018, 01:37 PM
Good grief, how lazy have we become? Divide by 27, add 10%. Not really quantum physics.

Peerie Maa
10-01-2018, 02:04 PM
I needed to research this recently
That one is better than most, but it would be good if you could specify the mix ratios as well.

Peerie Maa
10-01-2018, 02:05 PM
Good grief, how lazy have we become? Divide by 27, add 10%. Not really quantum physics.

How is that in 40kg bags of sand and aggregate?

ron ll
10-01-2018, 02:21 PM
How is that in 40kg bags of sand and aggregate?

What's a kg? :D
Okay, I'll admit it might help figuring baggage.

10-01-2018, 02:23 PM
As a very recent purchaser of 2.5 tonnes of the grey, sweet, sloppy stuff, I measured (in metric) for the quantity I needed, and got within 5%. The company who delivered (it was way too much to hand-mix, I've done enough of that this summer, and it was cheaper to buy in, than buy the contents and hire a mixer) only charge for what you needed, and took away the rest.

It's a long way from rocket science.


10-01-2018, 02:33 PM
I believe that there exists in the book illustrated below a description of how to calculate the volume of concrete needed for a mooring anchor for a rowboat, and suggestions on how to use the excess to make several dozen extra mooring anchors, a new front sidewalk for your house, and an outdoor firepit base.


Too Little Time
10-01-2018, 04:36 PM
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Last time I did a foundation. (I watched and other people worked.) I did a calculation and then ordered from the guys who mix it up on the spot. Took them almost 3 trucks, but my estimate was almost spot on with what they claimed to mix.

10% is way too much of a margin of error.