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10-01-2018, 08:18 AM

Suzi Quatro: Rock's female role modelBy Mark SavageBBC Music reporter

10 October 2017

It all began with the bongos.
As a seven year-old in 1950s Michigan, Susan Kay Quatro would sit with her father's jazz band, the Art Quatro Trio, playing percussion and getting an early education in stagecraft.
But her life changed when she saw Elvis and the Beatles on television.
Grabbing the Fender Precision Bass her father had loaned her, she started a band with her sisters Patti and Arlene.
The Pleasure Seekers' early singles, especially Never Thought You'd Leave Me and What A Way To Die, are still sought after by garage rock collectors - and the band soon found themselves sharing the bill with fellow Detroit rock stars Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper.
When the band broke up in 1971, Quatro was headhunted by British pop impresario Mickie Most, and launched a hugely successful solo career, marrying the double-tracked drums of glam rock to the strolling bass lines of Motown.
One of the first female rock stars, she sold 55 million records, with number one singles including Can The Can and Devil Gate Drive; while setting hearts aflutter on TV sitcom Happy Days as Leather Tuscadero, the rebellious younger sister of The Fonz's girlfriend, Pinky.
One of rock's true trailblazers, she's about to set off on a UK tour. She told the BBC about shooting Alice Cooper, becoming a museum exhibit and what's inside her "Ego Room".