View Full Version : What do paleontologists call a stegosaurus' tail?

Jim Bow
09-29-2018, 04:08 PM
It's a thagomizer.

It's in honor of Gary Larson.

09-29-2018, 04:14 PM

"Now this end is called the thagomizer...
after the late Thag Simmons."

One of the GREAT cartoonists!

09-29-2018, 04:26 PM
Good on them. I miss him.

Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside...

09-29-2018, 04:30 PM
Good on them. I miss him.

Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside...

".....I love these things." :D

09-29-2018, 04:32 PM
How does one 'splain that there's good sick humor & bad sick humor? I guess use Mr. Larson as an example of good.

09-29-2018, 04:41 PM
Remember this?


Flip to any page of the massive two-volume collection of The Complete Far Side, and you’re likely to chuckle. Some cartoons are memorable, and others will seem very fresh. An added bonus is some commentary from Larson. Here’s an excerpt of one of our favorites from Volume 2 (p. 80):


Letter to the editor:

Note from Larson with this volume:
Editor's note: Jane Goodall was out of the country when this cartoon appeared in newspapers and had not seen it when this letter was written. Unbeknownst to her then executive director. Dr. Goodall was a big fan of The Far Side. Her reaction upon seeing the cartoon was to guffaw (her word) and say, "Wow! Fantastic! Real fame at last! Fancy being in a Gary Larson cartoon!" She intended to write Gary an apology herself but got sidetracked. A year or so later, the National Geographic Society requested permission from Gary's syndicate to reprint the cartoon and was denied, because of this letter. They responded, "That doesn't sound like the Jane Goodall we know" They checked around and discovered that Dr. Goodall loved the cartoon; permissiom was granted. Jane and Gary eventually met at her research facility in Gombe, and she went on to write the introduction to The Far Side Gallery 5 (1995).

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09-29-2018, 04:44 PM
I remember the cartoon - but didn't know about the back story. Fantastic!

It's sad how many people need to learn what "sense of humor" means...